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How do you fill out the Pokemon Emerald questionnaire?

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You can go to any Pokemart and on the desk there will be a paper. Just walk towards it and press A. P.S. If you want Mystery Gift write: "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL"

2007-04-19 13:08:59
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Q: How do you fill out the Pokemon Emerald questionnaire?
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What will you say in the questionnaire paper in the pokemart in Pokemon Emerald?

When I fill out that quesionaire in Pokemon Emerald, I said," LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" And then, you can access Mystery Gift.

Mystergift in Pokemon Emerald?

go to market and fill out questionnaire saying: link together with all

How Can you get mystery event in Pokemon emerald?

Go to any Pokemart and fill out the questionnaire. Write LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL.

What words do you put in the questionnaire in Pokemon emerald?

Link together with all

How can you get the Mystery gift in Pokemon Emerald?

link together with all enter it in the pokemart's questionnaire

What are the questionaires for in Pokemon emerald?

Go to the pokemart and then fill in the questionnaire with 'link together with all' and the guy in the mart will say'oh..u noe those words' and unlocks the mystery gift for u!

What is a sentence for questionnaire?

We had to fill up a questionnaire!

What is the use of the questionnaire in the Pokemon marts in Pokemon emerald?

You Get A Togepi Egg Or Something Else If You TAlk About The Nintendo WiFi and chatting with people.

How do you get a cyndaquill on Pokemon emerald?

you have to fill up your pokedex

How do you fill the hoen dex in emerald?

get all the Pokemon

What is the questionnaire phrase for Pokemon emerald?

The phrase is "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL", then you will be able to activate the mystery gift (:

What to fill out on the questionnaire Pokemon FireRed?

Put in LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL to receive the mystery gift option.

How do you get chicorita in Pokemon Emerald?

fill your pokedex up to 200 Pokemon and prof.birch will look for you.

How do you unlock mystery gift in Pokemon Sapphire?

Go to a Pokémon Market and fill in the questionnaire with:LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL

How do you fill up your national pokedex in emerald?

Just catch the most Pokemon you can ;)

Show you how to write 3 sentences using the word questionnaire?

The clerk asked me to fill out an on-line questionnaire about my shopping experience at the brand new store.Fill out and send in this questionnaire to receive free coupons in the mail.The counselor asked him to fill out a personal interest questionnaire in order to determine which careers me might like.

How do you fill the national dex in Pokemon emerald?

by catching every Pokemon you have not caught yet and doing a lot of trading

How do to get all Pokemon on sapphire?

If you want to fill your pokedex, you must trade between Ruby and Emerald to gain the Pokemon that are not in Sapphire.

How do you get mystery gift in Pokemon emerald if I play the game on computer using VisualBoyAdvance?

There should be a questionnaire at the Pokemart You enter; Link Together With All - and that should activate it

Can you put the word questionnaire in an easy sentence?

The doctor's office gave me a questionnaire to fill out while I waited to be seen.

What is the gameshark code to fill the national dex in Pokemon emerald?

497689375847398 398759768945598 457793985949493 hope it works

How do you fill up your national pokedex in Pokemon emerald?

You have to battle every single trainer if not true improve answer

What is the format for writing a questionnaire?

There is no standard format; a questionnaire should be laid out so that it is easy to fill out and easy to tabulate at the end.

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Are you allowed to post a questionnaire on WikiAnswers and ask users to fill it in?

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