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== == * You deal with this by patting yourself on the back because you're one smart woman! As much as it crushes your heart you have come to the realization that this relationship will never work out. Love is just loving that person you are with and everyone else around is a mere shadow. Loving someone means you can hardly wait to see them and are thinking constantly about them. When you first start dating you should have the feeling of walking on clouds and all colors around you seem more brilliant. All is well with the world! Of course life isn't always a bowl of cherries, but, when young and we meet that one true love we are given the chance to fall into a fantasy of what could be and we should enjoy it for what it is. If worked on most relationships can work, but few people these days have little staying power. You should get out with friends and try having some fun. Not all women have boyfriends or husbands, and these are the women you can most relate too. While feeling free and independent you can have the time of your life, and it's usually at this time that you find that very special person in your life. The old motto "a watched kettle never boils" is so true. Meaning, if you sit around moping and missing this guy that didn't treat you well, you are wasting a lot of your life. Get angry! Get going! By doing this you will come to understand just what a strong young woman you are. No woman should bet all her future on a man. Women should first learn to be independent and when they meet that someone special then she is secure with her partner and wiser for it. People simply need head space so it's great when a woman can do other things without a man, and a man can do something without a woman. Most of us on this board have been hurt in the name of love, but got up, dusted ourselves off and got on with life. If you don't you are going to miss out on that great guy you certainly deserve.

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Q: How do you finally let go of someone you loved who said he loved you for 21 months on and off but was a huge flirt who you felt you couldn't completely trust?
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