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How do you find 2001 jetta fan relay location?


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Under the. Battery box. It's a. Module

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You can find the exact fuse or relay location for your 1996 Volkswagen Jetta in the car's owner's manual. You can also obtain it from auto part stores.

You will find the windshield wiper relay on a 1995 VW Jetta GLS under the hood. It is located in the fuse (relay) housing.

under the batter box. remove the battery the tray and you will find it under there

The horn relay on a 2001 Ford Expedition is located on the RPO Relay Block 1. You can find this relay block under the dash just above the passenger-side air bag.

The chassis number of a 2001 VW Jetta can be found in the owner's manual. It can also be requested from the dealer.

Most of the relays are on a panel underneath the steering column. You first remove the trim panel that has a few torx screws, and it's right there.

It's relay #173 in the fuse panel under the dash.From "Jetta Junkie" forum: (see Related Links, below)96-99 VW Jetta Lower the fuse panel under the dash. You will see a relay marked with the number 173. Coming out of the back of this relay is a plain yellow wire. Trace this wire and you will find a small connector. Unplug the connector and your DRLs are disabled.

You can find a Nissan Pathfinder 2001 wiper relay at auto part stores. You can also find it at a Nissan dealership.

What relay? There are more than one. am looking for the ac relay location on a 1997 Mitsubishi galant

If you did not have one installed there wont be one, it is not a standard option but if it does have one you will probably find it at the front of the car at the grill or below.

here's all the info you should need to replace it: * first, you'll need to remove the panels underneath the steering wheel to get access. here is a link to how to do it * find relay 409--pull it. * buy a replacement here

A 2001 VW Jetta engine diagram can be found in the maintenance manual of the car. It can also be obtained as a print out from an auto part shop.

The fuse box is located on the driver side, open door and look on the left side of the panel. There you will find the fuse box. You will have to look for the tail light fuse, but it is there.

I would like to find out what type of fuse is needed for the 2010 vw jetta cigarette lighter and how to identify which fuse it is and where located

The best bet is to go to the Volskwagen dealership if you want the relay new or go to a junk yard and get a used one for cheap.

The 1994 VW Jetta PCV valve is located on the outside of the air cleaner housing. You can find the valve on the back side of the housing.

Under the hood, next to the battery, you will find the fuse/relay box. Remove the lid, look inside it and you will find a list and diagram of the fuses and their location in the panel.

I cannot seem to find the fuse location for my cigarette lighter the manuel states under the hood.

location of ABS relay module for 04 2500HD pu

how do you find thepower relay valve circuit for the abs brakes

By passenger front fender black box should be fuse and relay w

Its not free but you can get cheap ones on eBay or ask at a junk yard

I don't know if the same applies to the VR6 but on the 1.8T you can find the oil filter by centering your self under the front of the car. Directly behind the radiator is the oil filter about midway up the car. Hoses can get in the way and block you from seeing it sometimes. Hope this helps. My brother has a regular 2.0 jetta, and I got a jetta VR6. The location of the oil filter is different on the VR6 here is a link to find it.

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