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How do you find Boy Scouts collector's edition baseball cards?

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May 01, 2008 4:27AM

I would use the internet first. Type in Boy Scout baseball cards. I would rephrase the words as many times as different results will pop up. I would then look up sport card collectable stores in the nearest, largest city closest to you. Phone each store and ask if they have ever heard of or come across any Boy Scout sport cards. Extend out to other citys and call stores there. I would also search the collectable section in your librarys of books on sport cards. I would also try and contact anyone that collects Boy Scout collectables and ask if they have ever come across any sport cards. Boys Life is a magazine that has been issued to Boy Scouts for years. You might find information on the cards in one of the past issues. I have been a Boy Scout, a Scout Master, and a long time collector of baseball memorabilia, and I have never come across any baseball cards connected to the Boy Scouts.