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you have to trade it from Pokemon diamond, pearl or platinum.

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It is not possible to catch cresselia in soulsilver or heartgold. You will have to trade from diamond, pearl, or platinum. Hope I helped!

you find cresselia on full moon island

In tall grass, on the water, by fishing, and in caves is where you can find Pokemon in Pokemon SoulSilver. Just about anywhere is where you can find Pokemon.

it allows you to find roaming Pokemon such as cresselia and mespirit

you don't find arceus in soulsilver

you cant find celebi in soulsilver

Mesprit & Cresselia (legendary)

Shiny Pokemon are different colorations of Pokemon you have a 1/8000 chances to see one when you find cresselia hopely its shiny.

You can only get Cydaquil as a starter Pokemon in HeartGold & SoulSilver.

you have to catch a Pokemon with it

Trade it from Pearl, Diamond, or Platinum.

Hey I have growlithe in soulsilver get in GTS

Dusclops can be found in the Safari Zone in Pokemon Soulsilver. The rarity varies.

You can find it in Pokemon Platinum, Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon HeartGold, and Pokemon SoulSilver.

You can not find Kyogre in SoulSilver, the only way you can get Kyogre in SoulSilver is by trading for it with someone else who has a Kyogre.

Well first you need the thing for encountering Darkrai and Cresselia(via event or maybe Action replay). Then after you meet Cresselia she is wandering around like mesperit, latios, latias, those pokemon.

You can only find Skarmory in the Pokemon SoulSilver version.

yes it is a legendary can only be find i think in Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum

Meowth are Pokemon SoulSilver-exclusive Pokemon. In SoulSilver, they can be found on Routes 5-8, 38 and 39.

You have to trade it from Pokemon diamond or pearl

You'll need to trade for it, because evolving Feebas will be impossible in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Yes you can you can find Duskull in the Safari Zone in "Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver."

You can not find nidoking in the wild in Pokemon soulsilver. You will have to evolve nidorino with a moon stone in order to get a nidoking. Hope I helped!

you can find them in either Kanto, Johto or by trading Pokemon with other people

You cant find one but you can choose Cyndaquil as your starter Pokemon.