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1968 - 1982 Corvette Specification Guide
VIN Plate Locations,, of these work for the VIN#'s of an antique or classic should go to search Kelley's database reports or for reports.

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Q: How do you find VIN history on a 1972 Corvette?
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How do you find the VIN history report on cars or in this case a corvette for 1972?

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How do you find a corvette vin?

On google

check history of VIN 2W87Z8L145454?

trying to find history of VIN 2w87z8l145454

How can you find out the number of your 1995 Corvette Pace car?

Decode the VIN- on many Chevy's unit no. is in there.

Where to find vin on 1972 VW?

VIN # is found under the rear seat on the wishbone part of the cassis.

Where can I find a vin history report?

There are many online shops that provide you vin history report. is one of online shops that provide vin history report with any kind of models. You can visit to find it.

Where can you find a window sticker for 1998 Corvette? has most years for the corvette. just need to know your options, vin, etc.

Where is the build code tag located on a 74 corvette?

Use your vin to find out how your car was built at the site to your right

Where can you find the VIN number on a 1972 blazon fifth wheel camper?

You can find the VIN on the 1972 Blazon fifth wheel camper on the neck of the camper just to the left or right of the fifth wheel connection. The VIN can also be found on the inside of the door as you enter the camper.

Where is VIN on 1965 Chevrolet Corvette?

The Corvette VIN is embossed on a stainless steel plate welded to the right side dash pillar brace under the glove box.

How do you find free vin check?

Go to and get unlimited free VIN checks and vehicle history reports!

Where can you find vin information on a 1966 Corvette?

Try here... If you have a VIN try using this to decode it Mark -

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