How do you find a Jeep Pickup with quadratrack and golden eagle package for sale online?

Quadratrack was offered in all AMC jeep trucks from 1973-1979, if it had hubs it had the Dana 20 part time transfercase in it if there were no hubs it had the quadratrack in it . about 2/3rds of all 1973-1979 jeeps trucks and wagoneers anc Cherokees had the quadratracks in them vs the Dana 20. the models were either J10 1/2 ton Dana 44 rear or J20 Dana 60 rear.

Note there were 2 versions of the quadratrack offered in trucks during those years. the standard which had only 1 range and the otional which had the low range in addtion to the standard range more desirable.

the goldene eagle package was only offered for a few years in either the late 70s or the early 80s Im not sure... i thought honchos were 70s and 80s were golden eagles... if it wasnt offered until after 79 there are no quadracks with goldeagle packages just honco packagesas the quadratrack was replaced in 1980 with Np 219 or something like that.. also note I believe this was only offered in J10 tracks..

However the golden eagle package was little more than a eagle decal on the hood..reproduced now for about $200 and chrome wheels so its probablyy less hassle to find the truck you want and convert it to golden eagle trim package.. best place to find these is craigslist look for jeep under $2000 and filter to the older ones as they are often mislables as j3000, gladiator, jeep truck, pickups etc..vs j10 or j20. craigslist has 10X more available than any other source.. you can also find some on eBay adn traderonline but selection is limited and price is higher.. I have been looking for a non quadratruck truck here in the northwest.. in the past month I have a list of 40 of them included cherorkees and wagoneers for sale from $400-$1500. probably 30 of them are quadratracks I have a couple honchos but no golden eagles