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First and fore most try your local dealership/manufacturer's parts department or repair department. If you don't have any luck there try a local car stereo/alarm shops.Believe it or not that is where I found my wiring diagram for my 1959 Cadillac.(Example: personally owned shops will probably be more curtious and friendly, but you can also try Best Buy installation shop/ Circuit City/Ultimate Electronics,. . . . . . .get the picture???? Hopefully this will help you it did me. Sept. 2007 I went to my local library (Gwinnett County, GA) and user their online subscription to the Chilton data base. It cost me $0.15 to copy the page. The brake lights on my van were not working. The third light worked fine. If the van lights were off and the brake pedal pressed, the dim (marker filament) would turn on. If the lights were on and the brake pedal pressed, the dim (marker filament) would turn off. This problem was caused by a faulty ground connection (black wire) at both brake light bulb sockets. The fix was simple and only requires a little electrical tape. I simply removed the wire retainer clip from each brake light socket. Then I pulled on the black wire. It pulled out about 1/8 inch and stopped. That fixed the problem. Do not replace the wire retainer as it will push the ground wire back into the socket breaking the ground connection. Use electrical tape to insure that the wires are held in place in the socket. Both brake lights were fixed in this way.

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Q: How do you find a brake light wiring diagram for a 2002 Chevy Express Van 2500?
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