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How do you find a burned out light in the instrument panel on a 85 Bronco 11 is it hidden?


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all of the bulbs in the instrument panel are on the backside of the instrument cluster.which means unless you can reach up under the dash to get to them you wiil have to remove the instrument cluster.


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The bulb is most likely burned out. You have to remove the instrument cluster to replace it.

Replace the light bulbs that are burned out, usually from the back side of the instrument cluster.

One of your exterior bulbs is burned out ( the warning light is in the right / lower area of your instrument panel )

Bulb burned out, or fuse blown. ( or gauge panel dimmer switch turned all the way )

First your remove the fancy plastic molding of the dash. it's usually held on by just a few screws. After this it is easy to access the instrument panel, which again is held in by a few more screws. You might have to work the parts a little to get them to come out and go back in. The dash light, or instrument light, is located on the back of the instrument panel. Most dash lights are a simple twist in variety.

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The bulb for the indicator light could be burnt out, unless you can get it to light when you first turn the ignition on or the key forward. If the bulb lights at that point, then you have a failed circuit in the cruise control such as a faulty wire. light bulb burnt out? Yes, your indicator light you referred to on the instrument cluster or "dash" has a bulb that can burn out. I was being fececious when I ask "light burned out" I didnt ask the original question I was merely pointing the asker in a direction.

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Please be more specific--there is no such thing as an "engine light". There is a Check Engine Light or Service Engine Soon light. You have to remove the instrument cluster to replace the bulb for this or any other instrument light.

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