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How do you find a dancer in Ciara's like a boy video?

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it is like everybody else it is whatever you wont to be

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Who is the dancer in the video of Justin Timberlake?

Like... what music video? Was it a girl or boy? What song was it?If you don't know can you describe it?

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Who is the female dancer in Justin Timberlakes like i love you video?

It's Nicole Scherzinger

Is Erika a dancer in the music video Think Like A Man by Jennifer Hudson?


Who was the female dancer in Lionel Richie video running with the night?

It looks like Sheila E

Is there a boy dancer in Nicki Minaj's ''Super Bass'' music video?

looks like it

Who is the blonde dancer in Sting's video We'll Be Together?

she looks like Michelle Johnston but I'm not 100% sure

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