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I can't recommend a dentist in that area but have been using a dentist in Progreso for a couple of years and am quite happy with the care I have recieved.....and any US dentist is going to kick a fit when you say Mexico....the US dentists are losing billions of dollars because of the cheaper prices in Mexico. All of my bad dental experiences have been in the US...not in Mexico. The only thing I will say about using a Mexican Dentist is to get your price agreed upon first

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Q: How do you find a good dentist in Mexico across the river from Yuma?
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Where is the city Yuma?

Yuma is located in the extreme lower left corner of Arizona. Across the east border of California and above Mexico

Where can you get implants in Mexico south of Yuma?

Hey I was just looking for a Dentist in Nogales but I ran across this one in Mexicali. I believe that's just SouthWest of Yuma. Anyway here is the site for the guy... Hope that helps you out. I don't know anything about him other than what's on the site, but it does mention implants. Good luck!

Where is a good dentist in Mexico across border from eagle pass tx?

I will tell you where. To to go,,,Stetic Implant. There is a good one outside of Yuma, dr. Rubio. But I don't know of any good ones near Texas. And stetic is a nightmare, they should be shut down.

What websites do you highly recommend when looking up info on dentists?

heres a web site of a good dentist near yuma Arizona in los algodones Mexico..

What part of Arizona was Mexico?


Where is the closest beach to Yuma Arizona?

The closest beach to Yuma, Arizona is either Gateway Park, Centennial beach, or Riverside Beach depending on Where you live in Yuma, these are all in the city Limits and Border the Colorado River. I haven't found any that border the Gila river, though.

Can you give me a map of lake yuma?

There is no such place as LAKE YUMA. ( I'm from Yuma AZ ) However there is Martinez lake near by and the Colorado river runs next to Yuma.

How long does it take to get out of Yuma Arizona?

Yuma sits on the border with California so all you have to do is cross over the Colorado river bridge and you are out of Yuma

What towns in Mexico are near Yuma AZ?

Both San Luis Rio Colorado and Mexicali are close to Yuma.

Where is yuma on a map?

Yuma is at the very bottom of Arizona right next to California above Mexico. In the corner of the state.

When did Yuma become part of Mexico?

At the time it was discovered (1540).

What is the Driving distance from yuma AZ to Cancun Mexico?

About 2,620 miles.

What is a river in Arizona with 2 words that starts with g?

The Gila River is in Arizona. It flows into the Colorado River at Yuma, Arizona.

Where was the movie 310 to Yuma made?

3:10 to Yuma (2007) was made mostly in New Mexico. 3:10 to Yuma (1957) was made mostly in Arizona. See Sources and related links for details.

How far is Yuma Arizona to Santa Fe New Mexico?

704.59 miles

The important and notable land features of yuma?

Colorado River, Desert, and Farming

How far is it driving from yuma Arizona to puerto vallarta Mexico?

ever heard of ??

What is the distance in miles from Yuma Arizona to Manzanillo Mexico?

1,133 miles (1,823 km)

What cities are found near the Colorado River?

Grand Junction, Colorado and Yuma, Arizona.

How many miles is it from Albuquerque New Mexico to Yuma Arizona?

It is 644.29 miles according to MapQuest.

Where is the main campus of Arizona Western located?

The main Arizona Western College campus is located in Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is located in the southwest corner of Arizona next to the California and Mexico borders.

Where did the yuma Indians live?

The Yuma tribe (really the K-wichhna or Kwitcyanapeople) lived along both sides of the Colorado river, about 55 miles from its mouth. Fort Yuma stands roughly in the middle of the former Yuma lands.They were sedentary farmers living in settled villages and growing maize, beans, pumpkins and melons.

How close is yuma Arizona to the border of sonora Mexico?

at their closest point 14 miles & about 4540 feet

What kind of food do Yuma people eat?

Like any other large city, the people of Yuma eat a variety of foods. But because of it's proximity to Mexico you will find quite a few Mexican restaurant's.

Where is the Fort Yuma Quechan Museum in Yuma Arizona located?

The address of the Fort Yuma Quechan Museum is: , Yuma, AZ 85366