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How do you find a leak in the vinyl liner of an above ground pool?


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2015-07-15 21:48:12
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  • This may not be the answer your looking for, but we used goggles and just went around looking really carefully. It took a while but we did it! There were small air bubbles around the hole - actually we found four holes, but at least we got them!
  • We've had our pool for about 12 years (are in the process of possibly replacing it) and have had only one hole in liner in all those years. The way I found it (yes, the water appeared to be draining, first) was that the grass in an area around the pool was much greener than anywhere else. So, diving down around that area I found the slice in the liner, actually fairly quickly, and placed a wet patch on it, which held thereafter.
  • First check the perimeter of the pool for soaked areas or look at the sand cove and see if any craters have formed, as the water washes away the sand it will leave a ctater in the floor. For small leaks try this. Turn off your pump so the water is still. I put in a dozen OS so 3" squares of paper towels scattered through out the pool. As the water leaks out it will drag a couple pieces of paper towels to the leak. This method has worked for me in the past for small leaks.
  • We were told to use red food coloring. When you drop it in the water, it will be pulled towards the hole. It can take awhile.
  • Use a rubber hose to listen for the leak! Fill with water, plug both ends and put one end to your ear, and probe around the liner with the other end. Make sure it's a quiet evening and believe it or not, even a small leak makes a lot of noise. If you have some electronics background, a small microphone encased in epoxy and a good audio amp will make a excellent leak finder.
  • You sound like you are sure that you have a leak and the answers above cover that. I just wanted to offer a hint to anyone that isn't sure whether they have a leak or if the water is just evaporating. Fill a bucket full of water - level with the pool - and place it on the step - if it is evaporation - the level should drop about the same.
  • The most common way to locate a leak is to swim to the bottom of the pool with a bottle of food color. Squeeze a drop or two by seams or other suspicious locations. The leak will draw the water towards and out of the hole. It is helpful to wear a pair of gogles and to drain the pool leaving about three to four feet of water.
  • See the Related Link for "Use this in your pool to fix ANY leak" to the bottom for the answer.
  • I used ink (specially made for pools) to find my leak and it worked, after looking for days and even over looked the spot where the leak was found. It was until I read this how to and specifically the one about the creaters that are formed on the floor of the pool; that is exactly where the leak was. Also the water outside the pool was in line with the crater.
  • I used Automotive Goop to make repairs in the vinyl liner from the outside. If the hole is small you can wipe away the running water, clean the surface with paint thinner, and apply the Goop to the hole. The water may leak through at first, but apply pressure and smear it into the hole and the leak will hopefully stop. (I lick my finger to prevent the goop from sticking to my skin so I can work it) It worked for me on numerous holes (my crazy dog goes ballistic over water and won't stop jumping at the walls:)and it is a cheap fix. After the first application is dry, add more layers.

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One way to find a leak in a pool liner of an above ground pool is by using food coloring. When you add the food coloring in small amounts, you can see it leaving the pool through the leak.

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look for the wet spots. where the grass is greener is usaully a clue. fittings that night be leaking or hole in liner.

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Put a small amount of food coloring in the area of the pool you think is leaking and watch the food coloring disappear in the hole

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