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Unfortunatlly you have to find the lucky collar in one of the "?" boxes on one of your walks. But it should be in one of them!

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How do you find a lucky collar in Nintendogs Dachshund and Friends?

You can find the lucky collar during your walk or receive it from a friend through Bark Mode.

Get the gold bar in Nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

you can get it on walks [be sure you have a lucky collar and a clover clock]

How do you get a lucky collar on Nintendogs ds?

Keep walking your dog! The collar will eventually show up.

How do you get lucky collar Nintendogs?

Once in a while, when you go on a walk and go to a ? the present is a Lucky Collar. I think you have to have so many trainer points though.

What is the lucky collar look like in Nintendogs?

It is black with a bluish stone on it, and the stone features good luck to you on walks. See the related link for an image of the lucky collar.

How do you get a rose in Nintendogs?

If you have a lucky collar and/or a lucky clock, use all of them, take your dog on lots of walks, and hopefully you'll get it soon.

What is the action replay code for a lucky collar for nintendogs dachshund friends for DS?

if you type in the code for 99 of everything you get 99 lucky collars though after using this code you cant buy any more dogs :( hope this helps!

What is the lucky clock on Nintendogs Lab and friends?

the lucky clock is not really lucky, its just another clock that you can have on your playing screen.

Is there an instant win competitions for Nintendogs?

No but there is a way to make everything easier Make your dog wear the lucky collar

What items do you need to breed Nintendogs?

you need: a rose, a lucky collar, dry or natural dog food, and milk.

How do you get a browser kart on Nintendogs labrador?

To get a bowser kart , you have to be lucky, and find one on a walk. it is best if you put on a lucky collar or a new year tiara, as you can get rarer items

How do you unlock the helicopter in Nintendogs?

go out for a walk with a lucky collar on and a clover clock. it should be 10-15 walks before you find it

How do you get gold on Nintendogs dalmatian and friends?

go to info,change you birthday to today,then,change your clock to clover clock and but the lucky collar on the puppy that you are walking,last go on a walk and it is about a 50% chance you will get the gold bar

How do you get a lucky collar clover clock and promise ring on nintendogs dalmatan and friends not using a action replay?

you just go on alot of walks and eventually you will come across it. the farther away the ? block is, then it is going to be a good present!

How do you get a crown on Nintendogs dalmatian and vriends?

firstly.put on the lucky collar then.keep it on your pet untill happy new year next.go on a walk with the dog wearing the lucky collar finally.find presants/presant if it dose not work keep walking the dog on the same day

How do you get Nintendogs lucky collar?

You can get the lucky collar during your walk or through Bark Mode but I tried it and it came up with bubble blowers or a stick or tissue box or a dog photo then!! just then i got banned from my Nintendo ds so i cant try now i am sad

Make puppies on Nintendogs?

No, you can't make puppies in Nintendogs. You have to buy puppies from the kennel. yes you can, you get a female dog and male dog of the same breed. Then you put a rose on the female dog and a lucky collar on the male dog. After that you play the nintendogs theme. Make sure you make your nintendogs really happy and well fed first. then save and turn it on, the next morning you should have one puppy. Try it, it worked for me and my friends!!

Where can you find the lucky collar in Nintendogs for DSi?

hey its lilly so uhh the "lucky collar" is a real waste of time its so not lucky many people lie about the collar it is just a collar you dont need it some people just well lucky dont waste your time trying to find it so if you just want it for luck dont bother if you want it to make your pup look good you can find it on a walk so bye ps. the lucky collar is worth about as much as dog food happy hunting even though you dont need it LILLY OUT!

Where do you get the Jack Russel Book on Nintendogs Lab and Friends?

It's really tricky to find the jack Russell book on nintendogs.It is all about luck. I have been tring to find it for 5 years and still nothing. Try putting on a lucky collar and the clover clock. well if you want to find it you need alot of time to do it if you put the clover clock on and the lucky collar on or the knit hat on you will have a better chance of getting it but the clover clock and the lucky collar work better than the clover clock and the knit hat

Can you speed up the prosses of breeding Nintendogs?

Yes, you can, but you have to have a rose in your female and a lucky collar on your male dog. If you have 99999 trainer points your dogs can breed faster.

How do you get the lucky ribbon in Nintendogs chihuahua and friends?

A lucky ribbon does not exist in this game but there is such things as a Lucky Collar and a Lucky Clock. The Lucky Collar, if worn a dog, brings luck to them. I put it on my dog every time we go to competitions and believe it or not; we actually do come first place, and rarely second or third. You can get these during walks, so look out for those presents! And same with the clocks. They're basically a four-leaf clover clocks. They bring luck to the unlucky. So next time when you're out for a walk, watch out for those presents and try to come upon those question marks regularly. If you have any problems, email x3_lidool.doberman@hotmail.com. But remember, I am not an expert and replies might take a while. Hope this helps! Answer written by: _christinex3

How do you find the lucky collar on Nintendogs?

It is all about luck. To increase your chance of finding your wanted item, when you plan out your walk, be sure to hit each and every question mark.

How do you get luck on Nintendogs?

you have to feed wash pet and take good care of your dog all the time and on walks you can find the lucky collar and the clover clock which helps you get rare items

Where do you get the Jack Russel Book on Nintendogs Dalmatian and Friends?

You get it on a walk. It's easier to get it if you have a clover clock and a lucky collar, which again, you find in a walk. When you get the book, don't sell it, even if you have loads of copies, because you'll lose your dog as well. I agree, but don't wear the lucky collar, wear the knit hat and put your clock to the clover clock. Brett XD and have the dog that can go the longest Make sure your dog is hungry and thirsty then go for a walk and get the ? mark that is the very farthest and ONLY that one! Yes, clover clock lucky collar and knit hat can help!

How do you get a Mario Kart on nintendogs on dachshund and friends?

Its just luck... you know those presents on the walks you get them on that but you have to be really lucky. hope i helped x

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