How do you find a missing dog?

== == == == The best thing to do is to have your dog microchipped in the first place. Microchipped dogs have the highest rate of recovery when lost. Besides putting up signs, look for your dog in the "found"; ads in the paper, call your local police district, and the ASPCA and Humane Society to see if someone has turned your pet in. Best of luck to you! No you don't need to have a tracking device to find your dog. Trust me, I know. Tracking devices would be helpfull, but they are kind of expensive & not necisary. What I think you should do would be to call your local animal shelter and check with them... also put up some flyers that have (if possible) a picture of the dog, and have the dog's name on it and where it was last seen. You should also have your phone number and your e-mail address (if you have one) I realy hope you find your dog, I know what it feels like to have one go missing If you take your dogs for walks or have stayed in another part of that town/suburb and your dog has been with you, you should look in those places because he/she would likely have gone there first.