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In order to find a short in a buried wire you will need to use an electronic wire chaser. The electronic wire chaser will notify you of where the break is exactly.

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Is electric resistance greater in a short fat wire or a long thin wire?

Resistance is the restriction of electrical flow in a component/wire/etc. If you think of a short fat wire as a short freeway and a long thin wire as a quiet country road then the answer is easy to find especially if you imagine 1 thousand cars all trying to travel the distance at once

When was Buried Treasure - short story - created?

Buried Treasure - short story - was created in 1936.

What happens to resistance of the wire if the wire is short?

Short wire has less resistance Long wire has more resistance Thick wire has less resistance Thin wire has more resistance

The fuse for my stereo in my 1993 olds 88 keeps blowing what is a short how do you find the short and what does a short look like?

a short is a cut in a wire and it will probally be behind the fuse panel if its for your radio.

My Power window on the drivers side of 2000 Pontiac sunfire won't work?

This could be caused by a blown fuse or a short in the wire. If its a blown fuse, replace it. If it is a short you get to play follow the wire from the window control button until you find the short.

Why does your 1996 jeep grand Cherokee Main fuse keeps blowing when you turn the key on?

The fact that it is a grand Cherokee has nothing to do with it. The fact that you have an electrical short has everything to do with it. Open the hood. Find the battery. Find the red wire from the battery. Trace the red wire and the wires leading off from it until you find the spot where you can see the insulation removed and there is bare wire. Replace that wire. Hopefully that caught it. If that did not catch it, then it will be necessary to get a volt meter and find the specific wire that has the short. If it is not is a bare wire, it may be in a broken piece of equipment. You need to find out where. Since you want to learn about your vehicle without working with another back yard mechanic like the rest of us did, that is a possible way. You have to find the short and replace the bad part.

How can you know accurately the location of a the broken section of an electrical wire is?

how can I know accurately the location of a the broken section of an electrical wire is?For example if I have a wire of 10 meters long buried underground and somewhere along these 10 meters the wire is broken(short circuited), can I using only one end of the wire know where exactly that short circuit is located along those 10 meters ????There is a way to do that but I need just the principle of how does it works anybody can help please.___________________________X______________.6m 4m The best way, and safest, remove the wire and replace it. no i am not concerned about taking it out an replacing it, for example if the wire is 30km long and buried 3 meters underground, it will be very very hard job to do by taking it out but if i can know where exactly the fault is i will have to dig only at that place

What are the release dates for Short Short Dramas - 1952 Buried Treasure 1-34?

Short Short Dramas - 1952 Buried Treasure 1-34 was released on: USA: 22 January 1953

A lightning rod is connected to a heavy wire buried in the soil to?


Does a short copper wire have more resistance then a long one?

No. Other things being equal, a long wire has more resistance than a short wire.

What is direct burial wire?

It is a wire with special insulation that protects it under ground. On the wire there will be a stamp "UF" or underground feeder. That means that it can be buried directly in the earth.

How does short circuit occur?

short circuit occurs when two wire which consist of one live and neutral wire are in contact with the main and the other end of the wire are touched each other short circuit occurs

98 dodge neon ac blower fuse blows?

Shorted wire! Either re-wire it or find the short and repair. I'm about to fix this same problem on my neon!

Buried munitions typically detonated by pressure or trip wire?

land mines

What was Cleopatra buried with?

We don't know what Cleopatra was buried with although she requested to be buried next to Marc Antony. We just have to wait until they find her tomb to find out.

Phase wire and neutral wire joined?

Never join them, that is a dead short.

How do find a short in the wiring for a 86 Grand Marquis?

First off, you must ensure that it "IS" a short to ground. The first indication is that a fuse is blown, so check your fuse panel to determine if there are any fuses gone. Then, if a fuse is blown, then work backwards with a continuity tester to find the possible break in the insulation of the wire or the section of wire which is creating the short, then replace it Find the appropriate wiring diagram to help trace the wires as well.

How to extend a wire if an existing wire is short in the junction box?

The answer depends on what type of access you have to the junction box. The wire external to the box may have some slack that can be brought into the box. If everything is tight you will probably have to install one or more additional junction boxes or rerun wire from electric panel. As an example assume that the short wire has no external slack, but you can install a new junction box near the other box and in the path of the short wire. 1. Pull the short wire from existing junction box. 2. Install new box in path of short wire so more slack will be available in the additional junction box; and pull wire into new box. 3. Run a wire of the same size from new to old box and re-splice any connections for original short wire or new connections; and connect this new wire to the original short wire in the new box. Make sure you follow all code requirements for your locale.

Does a short thick metal wire or a long narrow metal wire have more resistance?

long, narrow wire

What is the color of the wire from the head lights to circut breaker?

how do i find a short in my head lights ,tail lights work but not my head lights

What is An example of a short circuit?

A short is an unintentional ground in a wire or load unit. You can tell when a circuit is short when something works when it is not supose to. An "open" wire, or circuit will be the oposite of that. it will not work when it should.

Why does a short wire have less resistance?

Yes. Than a longer piece of the same wire.

What wire size is good for 100 amps?

# 4 copper wire short distance.

What is the use of short nose pliers?

Short nose pliers are for gripping items that you are working on. They can also be used to snip wire and to twist wire together.

Why a coiled wire does not short the circuit?

I suspect that it is because a coiled wire becomes an electro-magnet which disipates and uses energy, and is therefore not recognized as a short.

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