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How do you find a short in the dash?


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I can tell you that having a test light instead of the blower motor can help out. Instead of trying to take the blower moter and re-hooking it back up have the test light over there and upon turning it back on, if the light shows and the fuze does not blow then you can have a short in the blower motor itself, if it does then try to route the wires. It would be easier to do that by the removal of the dash but that is work upon itself.

Could you be more specific? What isn't working?


Use a short peice of wire with an appropriate size fuse and connect the motor directly to the battery. If the motor turns, your motor is fine. If the fuse blows, your motor is the problem. If the motor turns,disconnect the connector from the back of the selector switch. Put in a new fuse and try it again. If the fuse blows you know that the short is before the power gets to the selector switch. Use a multi-meter to test for power at the connection to the selector switch. If you have no power at the selector switch something is wrong before the power even gets to the selector switch. If the fuse didn't blow move one to the next test. Use a multi-meter and check each wire with one lead of the meter at either end of the wire. They should all read very low resistances (less then 5ohms). If one of the wires reads "Overload" you have a broken wire. Now you need to check the wire to see if it is shorting to ground. Put one lead at one end of the wire and the other lead to the chassis ground. If it reads "Overload" the wire is not shorted to ground. If it reads low resistance, cut the wire at both ends and replace the whole peice of wire.If all this fails you can always try the penny trick. Put a penny in place of the fuse and look for the smoke. (JUST KIDDING)Get a good wiring diagram, start at the motor and work your way up stream back to the battery. Test each connection until you find the problem.Good luck, electrical problems are a pain in the butt.

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