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Wow what a tough question! This is a real head scratcher. After consulting with other Guru's here on top of the 3-meter diving tower here is what we came up with. One of the issues here may be that the leak may not be on top of the inflatable ring but underneath and/or at the seam where the ring meets the wall of the pool, which will make it awkward to apply the soap and water mix. So try this. Mix a soap and water solution in a 4 to on mixture. 4 parts soap and 1 part water. Then try applying it with either a spray bottle or on a very wet rag up under the ring on both the inside and out side of the pool. Now for the catch, you really do not want to get this mixture into the pool or the water will start to foam when it is agitated so try to keep the solution getting into the pool to a minimum. We all feel this is really your best bet. The other options buy a new Intex pool or buy a hard wall above ground pool, but these are very expensive options soap is much cheaper!

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Q: How do you find a tiny hole in the top inflated ring of a intex above ground pool if you are having to inflate the top ring daily and can't locate a hole and you have tried using soap and water?
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