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First inspect every single vacuum line connection, looking for cracks and loose connections. If you find no obvious defects, then Start the engine and then using a spray can of WD40, spray all of the connectors where the vacuum lines are connected and the length of the lines. When you hit a leak, the engine will change revolutions as the WD40 is sucked into the intake and burned. You will notice the difference. You can use FI Cleaner, but WD40 is much safer. If you still do not find the culprit, take a close look at the Brake Booster vacuum diaphragm.

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Q: How do you find a vacuum leak in your 2000 sable?
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What are the 171 174 codes Mercury Sable 1999?

I guarentee its a vacuum leak... i had a 1997 sable 174 and 171 all the time turned out to be a vacuum line

You have a vacuum leak in your 1990 mercury sable station wagon and you can't find where it leads to?

You need to take it to a Ford dealership with service department, they can then put your vehicle on a machine that they hook up to your vacuum system and pump smoke through it to find the leak. Usually cost like $100.00

What do you do when there is no vacuum on a 2000 voyager van?

find the vacume line and check for a leak in the system

How do you fix a vacuum leak on a 2000 Chevy Blazer?

Need to know the location of the vacuum leak in order to answer this.

How would you find a small vacuum leak in your 2002 Camry V6?

You can find a small vacuum leak in your 2002 Toyota Camry with a diagnostic tester. The diagnostic tester can pinpoint virtually any vacuum leak.

Why would a 1998 Mercury Sable stall and idle rough?

check pcv hose elbow for vacuum leak.

Where do you spray to find a vacuum leak?

To find a vacuum leak. the vacuum hoses should be sprayed while the engine is running. A solution of dish soap and water sprayed on a leaky vacuum hose will cause it to blow soap bubbles. Spraying both the hose and the connectors should find the vacuum leak quickly.

Transmission has bad oil leak on a 1994 Mercury Sable?

Clean the 1994 Sable transmission at a car wash. This will make it easier to find the leak. Keeping the fluid full, check the transmission frequently to see where the leak is.

How do you find a vacuum leak in an 19 99 Mercury Cougar?

how to find a vacume leak on a1999 cougar

How do you fix vacuum leak on 2000 dodge 1500 sport?

First you have to locate the source of the vacuum leak then you can determine what steps to take to stop the leak. Determine the source and re-post your question with more info.

How do you fix a vacuum leak and where can you find it on a 2003 ford focus?

I am having a stalling problem and I heard it can be the cause of a vacuum leak and if that is true how can i fix it and where is it at?

What causes a 2000 Chevy Malibu not to run at idle?

Might be a vacuum leak

How much will a vacuum leak repair cost for a 2000 ford mustang?


How do i find a vacuum leak on a 1999 ford ranger?

A vacuum leak on a 1999 Ford Ranger can be located using an automotive stethoscope. It can then be move around the engine to detect the sucking noise of a leak.

How do you fix code P0171 on a 2000 Chevy Prism?

Start with looking for a vacuum leak.

Hi you have a 2000 ford focus se when you turn the ac the car stalls when the car is idle?

Look for a vacuum blockage or a vacuum leak.

How do you find vacuum leak on 95 blazer 4.3?

Start with a visual, inspect all vacuum lines for problems.

How do you find out the leakage on brake for xjs-12 jaguar 1988?

brake leakage? or vacuum assisted vacuum leak?

How do you find a vacuum leak in the heater of 99 Dodge Ram?

with your mouth

How do you fix a vacuum leak?

where is the leak? are you not getting good suction? If your vacuum isn't picking up like it should that is most likely not a leak but clogged filters. The only reason I ask is that I recently took apart my whole vacuum(2 hour process) only to find out that it was a filter that I didn't know about ( of course it was easy to get to but took me taking apart the vacuum to find it). After I cleaned it my vacuum was like new. no more dust in the air and it picked up perfectly.

How can you find a vacuum leak in a race engine?

most vacuum leaks are in hoses that are disconnected or have holes in them you can also take a bottle of water and spray it along the side of the intake and base of the carborater if the motor bogs or you here it suck the water in you have found you leak but it can be a leak under the intake and that is a bigger problem to find buy a can of starting fluid and spray it near the gasket and vacuum hoses and if the engine increases its rpm that is where the leak is

Who To Find A Vacuum leak In A 2002 Lancer?

Spray some WD-40 around where you think the vacuum leak might be. When the WD-40 is sucked into the engine you will hear the engine smooth out or rev up a little. PRESTO-that's where your leak is.

How do you correct a high idle on a 1997 Sable?

Generally speaking a high idle is caused by a vacuum leak; in this case it could be that or a mis-adjusted or malfunctioning: TPS, MAP, MAF - the first step would be to use a code reader with "live data" function to see if these sensors are working correctly; and then (if they are) check for a vacuum leak in the system.

What causes a 2000 vw to make a hissing sound after you start it?

Most commonly it's a vacuum leak.

Could a vacuum leak cause vibration?

i have a vibration in my gmc envoy when it idles and have been told that can be caused by a vacuum leak. i am currently trying to find out how to find the leak. advanced auto parts will loan you a pressure tester to try to detect the leak. i have not gotten the tester yet. would like to know where to look for it for this sort of leak before i get the tester and i am still in the process of getting that information.