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yes check the dmv records they will have records of that car who it was sold to and who all of the prior owners were

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Q: How do you find a vehicle you sold years ago with only a tag number?
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Find out a car registration number using the chassis number?

You can not find a car registration number using the chassis number. You can only identify it by using the VIN, or vehicle identification number.

How do find a license plate number ufc 721 in the Philippines?

if I have only the vehicle identification number you can help me that person

Can you find the VIN number on a Mazda engine or is the engine number related to the VIN in any way?

The Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, only identifies the body and frame of the vehicle. There is no VIN number on the engine and the engine number is not related to the VIN.

How can you find out if someone is insured?

If its your own vehicle you can enter the reg number at this will tell you if the vehicle is on the Motor Insurance Database. It will not notify you if the driver in question is insured to drive the vehicle. For use with your own vehicle only.

What is in a VIN number?

Vehicle Identification Number - The unique Vehicle Identification Number that is assigned to each vehicle. Think of it as a Social Security Number for transportation. It contains numbers and letters that are particular to a vehicle and only that vehicle.

How do you find a vehicle that I used to own with an old VIN number on websites that allow for 17 character VIN only?

You can't.

How do find a license plate number if you only have the vehicle identification number?

Carfax or auto check services. I've researched alternatives for free, but have been unsuccesful!

How do you find a vehicle VIN number with only the license plate number and name of owner in California?

You would have to submit an inquiry with the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

How does one determine the warranty on their vehicle?

If someone wishes to determine the warranty on their vehicle they can do so by finding the VIN or vehicle identification number. This number belongs to the car only.

How do you find a VIN number if you only have the license plate number to a vehicle?

in all cars the lower drivers side windshield will be the vin # it will be on a small piece of black metal. You can also find the VIN on the driver side door jam. If you don't have access to the vehicle, your DMV can find out the VIN but there's a fee. Typically around $25.

How can you get background information on the Chevrolet Colorado you want to buy from a neighbor?

To find any cars background you must find the complete vehicle history report. There are many websites and company's which have access to the information. The only thing you need is the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

How do you make a VIN number?

The only people who can make a VIN number for a vehicle is the original manufacturer.

What is the only part that will fit any vehicle from a Model T to a 2012 vehicle any make or model it has the same part number and will not change the appearance of the vehicle?

The licence plate.

What if you only can find a sin number but not a vin number?

The 17 leter/number VIN number has only been required since 1981 A car (or motor cycle or RV or.....) will have a Serial # instead It can be virtually any length or format. They are legal and useable to register and trace the vehicle.

How do you find a VIN number if you only have the license plate number to a vehicle and the vin is not on the windshield or anywhere else on the car?

Every vehicle has the VIN stamped into the frame. Here is a website that will help you find where to locate your VIN: If you have the Licence plate then you should be able to trace the VIN through your local DMV or Registry agent and the VIN will also be located on the Registration as well as the Insurance slips for the vehicle.

How do I find a camaro that I had in high school but only have the license number?

Your state DMV may be able to provide the information, depending on your state's privacy policies for vehicle licenses.

What is the penality for forging a motor vehicle title?

The penalty for forging a motor vehicle title depends on the value of the vehicle. The last man that I know about only got 2 years.

Can you find a bank using an account number?

You cannot find a specific bank with only an account number. However, you can find a bank if you have the routing number.

What number in the vin number tells you the gear ratio?

There isn't a specific digit. The last nine digits are a unique unique serial number for the vehicle. The dealer can run it through their computer system to get a list of options that it was built. This only works on vehicles made in the last twenty years or so.

Does the number of congress change every 6 years?

No, It only changes every 2 years

Is carfax the only way to find out the statuse or history of a vehicle?

No, there are other companies that perform that service.

Is there a drive wheel in front and back on a 4x2 truck?

No, a 4x2 is a 2 wheel drive vehicle. The 4 indicates the number of wheels and the 2 indicates the number of drive wheels. (4x2) Only the rear wheels are driving the vehicle and unless it has posi-traction only 1 of those wheels is driving the vehicle at any given time.

Can you sell a car without a title?

Legally, NO! You can sell the vehicle to anyone if the vehicle is over 10 years old and you sell it for parts only, but if the buyer wants to drive the vehicle, they will need a title.

Maximum number of years a president can serve?

The maximum number of years a president can serve is eight years which is two terms. The only exception is Franklin Roosevelt who served for twelve years.

Why is RC book required?

it is necessary during vehicle inspection because it is the only proof which proves the vehicle identity it includes (owner name, vehicle model, number and other relevant details) hence it is necessary........