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I would try psychiatric wards at expensive hospitals.

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Q: How do you find an investor to pay for your singing lessons if you will share profits when you get famous?
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Did Justin Bieber take singing lessons before he was famous?

no, he started singing by listening to his moms Boys II Men albums =D

Did miley take lessons for singing?

No, she learnt from her dad who is also a famous singer, Billy Ray Cyrus.

Who are famous people from Tennessee and why are they famous?

There are a lot of people famous and that are from there to like for example Miley Cyrus, Taylor swift, Billy Ray Cyrus and the reason why they are famous because they do singing lessons and dancing lessons and when they get really good at it then they try out for TV shows and movies and they just get really popular.

How do you become a famous singer with your friend?


How do you get noticed and become famous by singing?

Do a lot of singing in public. Get with a band, sing in the choir, take chorus in school, enter talent shows. Voice lessons will help, too.

What are Simon cowell's insults?

His most famous insult is: Simon: Do you take singing lessons? Contestant: Yes. Simon: Do you have a lawyer? Contestant: No. Simon: Well get one, and sue your singing teacher.

What famous artist lead Carrie Underwood to her singing career?

No one. In fact, Carrie sang in her church group and at local events in Checotah, Oklahoma during her childhood and never needed singing lessons

How do you become famous without singing lessons and auditioning?

just sing around town and in the streets you'll get discovered eventually that's what Miranda coscrove did

What was hard for Carrie Underwood to be come famous?

Not really, since she sang in her church group and at local events during her childhood and she never needed singing lessons

What is the name of the famous singing chipmuck?

Alvin, from the famous film series, is the most famous "singing chipmunk."

Why is Selena famous?

she was famous for singing

Warren buffet is a famous what?


Why does Nicki minaj like singing?

she like singing because she like it and she famous and that what famous people do

Was Pavarotti famous for sports for science or for singing?

SingingLuciano Pavarotti was a famous opera tenor.

What Michael Jackson is famous for?

He is famous for his singing

What is paulina rubio famous for?

She is famous for her singing

What is Gloria famous for?

She is famous for her pop singing

Why is ariana grande famous?

Ariana Grande is famous because of her singing and acting career.cause she is

Was Buddy Holly famous for writing acting or singing?


Gloria Estefan is famous for what?

She is famous for her pop singing

What did Rihanna come famous for?

she came famous for singing

What is zendaya famous for?

she was famous for acting an singing an fashion

What are N-Dubz famous for?

They are famous for singing :)

What is this person famous for?


How can you get famous as a singer?

by singing