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On a 1998 Navigator, with a 5.4 liter V-8, each plug access is located on the top of the engine. There will be a round cap held in place with a small bolt right below or next to the chrome fuel rail. This is the Coil for the spark plug. All the spark plugs have their own coil,there are 8 of them, unlike older vehicles with only one coil and a distributor. Anyway, the computer tells the coil when to fire and so it goes with all that NASA computer mumbo jumbo. The coil must be unbolted from the engine by removing the small bolt / screw. Be carefull not to damage the wires running to the coil pack, they cost about 100 bucks a pop. Pull straight up on the coil and extension tube and withdraw it from the engine. At the botom of the hole is the spark plug. You will need an extension on the socket wrench to remove the plug. After that is the same procedure for the other 7. Gap should be at .054 and make sure to install the new plug with your fingers and the spark plug socket. This will allow you to be absolutely positive you are not cross threading the plug. Do not force or overtighten the plugs. Once you see how far down they are if the threads in the engine block get screwed up it will be VERY expensive to correct.

NOTE: The driver side rear plug will require you to loosen and lift the fuel rail about 3 inches. I considered writing Ford when I had to do this. Arrgghh! Also, if you are replacing plugs, make sure you either get the recall part, or fabricate one yourself... it's a small metal shield or 'umbrella' for the top of the passenger side rear plug/coil. The heater hose connection is right above it and an occasional drip will cause failure quickly once the inevidable leak develops. (Been there, done that)

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Q: How do you find and install spark plugs on a 1998 Lincoln Navigator?
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I am having the same problem, and would also like to find out.

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