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Try searching eBay for the airbag itself and I'm sure there is guides on replacing them on the net you will have to answer any steering column specialist will be able to help you


any steering column specialist or crash repair shop can do the job for you

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2011-09-13 01:36:12
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Q: How do you find and replace driver and passenger airbags in a 1995 Ford Thunderbird?
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What year did driver airbags and passenger airbags become standard in Toyotas and Hondas?

in 1992

Do 2003 Tiburon's have advanced airbags?

They have driver, passenger, and front side airbags (located in the seats)

How many airbags does the Cadillac CTS Coupe have?

The Cadillac CTS Coupe has two driver and passenger airbags

When were passenger airbags installed in corvettes?

Driver's side became standard in 1990, driver/passenger became standard in 1994.

Does a 1996 Monte Carlo Have Airbags On Driver and Passenger Side?


Does the 1997 Honda Civic DX Hatchback have airbags?

yes. airbags are found on both the driver and passenger sides of the car.

How many airbags does the Saturn sky have?

2... one for the driver, and one for the passenger.

Does a 95 Ford Thunder Bird have an airbag?

yes they do, driver and passenger airbags

How many airbags does a 2002 Lincoln ls have?

2 front airbags and ( if equipped ) 2 side airbags in the outside of the driver and front passenger seat backs

Where are the airbags located in the Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus comes equipped with 6 airbags. In the front of the car there is a driver airbag in the steering wheel, a passenger airbag in the dash, as well as airbags mounted on the side of both the driver and passenger seats. The car also features curtain airbags mounted on both sides of the vehicle.

Does a 1992 Honda accord have airbags?

Yes, I have a 1992 Honda Accord and it has a driver side airbag, it does not, however, have passenger, rear, or side airbags.

Do new pickups normally have airbags on both the driver and passenger sides?

Yes, they do. While pickups sometimes lag behind cars when it comes to safety, front airbags for the driver and passenger are available on all new trucks sold in the U.S. Be aware that some of them don't offer side airbags, though.

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