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a fairly simple operation, remove n/s wheel and look towards wher the drive shaft goes into the gearbox [diff] . you will see a plug with 2 wires connected to the reverse switch that is screwed in from the rear, un plug the wires. you will need a deep reach 19 mm socet to clear the other part of the plug that is connected to the switch. un screw anti-clockwise and replace with new.hope this helps. the wiesel.

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I want to know where the thermo switch of land rover discovery 1996 located in the car.

If I understand your post: The brake light is on constantly? If so, you may want to adjust or replace the brake light switch located at the top of the brake pedal.

whereis the inertia switch on a 1996 range rover

Left hand side of gearbox. You can get at it by turning the steering wheel full lock, and reaching in behind the back of the left hand front wheel. A squirt or two of contact cleaner/wd40 etc in the connectors should get it going again, or you'll need a 19mm spanner if you need to replace it. It's a 2 minute job, which makes a pleasant change :)

Where is the fuel relay switch in a 2004 range rover located

how do you replace a thermostat in a rover 25

Hey man/girl, ask a macanic. Mabie that will help u.

Where is the fuel relay switch located on a 2004 range rover

The rover has a solar panel. Climb to the ceiling at the right side and press the switch to open the sun shade. The light will hit one of the reflectors -- tilt it to direct the sunlight to the other reflector, then tilt that one to send the light to the next reflector, and eventually to the panel on the rover.

Probably cause by a worn out/defective brake light switch.

you have to take to a rover dealer to put out the service light

Costs will vary when replacing a front bumper on a Land Rover depending on location. However, it is relatively inexpensive and easy to replace a bumper on a Land Rover.

Check the position of your turn indicator switch. If it is in the left turn position, is the left lamp illuminated? Many European vehicles use this feature to illuminate the outside corner during parking. If the lamp is illuminated regardless of switch position, the fault most likely lies in the switch.

On the rover 416 the fuel cut off switch is behind the centre console drivers side, roughly behind the radio.

hoe do you reset the check engine light in a 1995 land rover

Look under brake pedal arm for small plastic thing with a button. They can be adjusted (height) to control depression on said button when you push down on pedal. Press button manually & see if lights come on-if they do, adjust. if not replace. You can easily see how it is mounted & they basically plug into your elec.

that happens to me ones and that was because the pedal of the brake has a litle rover piece that push a switch, i replace it and that fix the problem!

on the bulk head just above / behind the brake pedal. Should be a white plastic switch with two wires coming out the bottom

There could be many causes to a brake light not working. It is best to replace the fuse, and the bulb and check the wiring.

that green light means that you have changed your driving mode to SPORT.That switch is located on the lower end of your main gear shifter console.Find that switch and depress it once and that green light will turn off.Be advised that in SPORT MODE you will burn a bit more gas.

the only way to reset is to have a t4 testbook computer do it at the dealer or jag shop yes if it is the orange check engine light it must be reset with a t4 but if it is the red service engine light this is just a reminder light telling you that after 75,000 miles you should replace youre o2 sensors.under the drivers seat you will find a brown relay box on the top is a sticker with the land rover logo.Stick a straight pick through the Land Rover emblem until it wont go any further down.The light will never bother you again

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