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donotello did this statue Donatello did this statue

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Q: How do you find artist of a bronze sculpture. i have a bronze statue and want to find the answer to who made it?
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How do you find the artist that made this sculpture?

I have a bronze sculpture..Artist is Bouchard. Looks like 1965. number 6/900. The bronze is a woman holding out hers arms to a baby taking its first steps. Please get back to me at Thank you, JP

How do you tell the best bronze sculpture to purchase if they are made the same way and have the original artist siganture embedded into the bronze?

Research the Artist, Find out which Artist made more of a name for himself, If your collecting for profit you will want the more notable Artist.

Wheer do you find the bronze statue of Jupiter on brit chicks?


Where would you find a bronze statue commonly known as The Tart with the Cart?

Grafton Street, Dublin

Find a bronze statue in us dedicated in 1891?

Atlanta,Georgia10-21-1891Atlanta's Henry W. Grady monument is dedicated. A ten-foot bronze statue rests upon a pedestal of Georgia granite

Where do you find the sculpture on Time Tangled Island?

The model of the Statue of Liberty is atop Mount Everest at 1953 AD. Return it to the sculptor, Bartholdi, in the building at the Statue of Liberty (1882 AD).

Were do you find the sculpture on poptropica?

This how you get the statue of liberty model: You have to go at the very top of Mount Everest past the climbers. There, you will find a statue with a torch in it's hands. Put it in your item dock and give it to the person it belongs to. Did this answer help? Natalie

The Franklin Mint you are trying to find a current value of Franklin Mint African elephant bronze sculpture circa 1984 45?


What is the largest bronze statue?

We were recently in China. In the eastern part of Shandong Province outside the city of Rongcheng, in Shidaochishan scenic resort, we saw an apparently bronze statue of the Sea God, which was billed as the largest bronze statue in the world. It was built in the mid to late '80s. There is a photo at The only confirmation I've been able to find is "The highest forged copper statue in the world, a statue of the mythical god Chishan Mingshen...." (

Where can you find a list of hallmarks for bronze statues?

I have a statue of an eagle purchases in the USA and it has a mark on it similar to a house/museum building - what does it mean please ?

How do I find the price of a Jim Pointer Bronze statue the War Cry?

First unwrap it, grease it, then stuff it in your cheeks... That will give you an idea of what it is worth. At least to you.

Where can you find the monkey sculpture in Mafia Wars?

You can find the Monkey Sculpture by doing any of the jobs in the Soldier Job Tier.

Where do you find the tiger sculpture in Mafia Wars?

Tiger Sculpture Steal a Tanker Truck

How do you find out if an etching you own is valuable?

If the etching is one of a kind, I recomend looking for the name of the artist on the etching. If there is a name, you can look up the artist and get a general idea of what a piece of his/her art is worth. If there are more than one sculpture/etching of this same theme. Try to find the price or value of the other.

How does Bella describe Edward in Twilight?

a forgotten pagan god......bronze hair........GEORGOUS.........HOT........still as a statue.......perfect face.............and, um, read the book, and find more.

Where do you find bronze?

You cannot find bronze. It is a metal alloy made from Copper and Tin.

Where can you find a statue of Balto?

statue of balto is located in Newyork

In which country would you find the Statue of Liberty?

You find the Statue of Liberty at United States America.

Where can you find the dragon sculpture in Mafia Wars?

Dragon Sculpture Clip The Irish Mob's Local Enfocer

What relevance does donatello have today?

The early Italian Renaissance artist, Donatello, contributed greatly to sculpture and studies on Italian culture through the centuries. His statue of David, one of the world's most notable statues, was unique in that it marked a resurgence in independently standing nude portraiture. Because of his choice of subject matter and his realistic style, sculptors and artists find inspiration in his work today.

In which church will you find a statue of The Virgin Mary?

You would find a statue of the Virgin in a Roman Catholic Church.

Where would you find Statue of Liberty?

You can find the Statue of Liberty in New York City in Liberty Island.

What is the names of the poem on statue of liberties base?

The name of the Poem is Statue of Liberty. You can find out all about it at Statue of

Where is bronze found?

Bronze is an alloy made from combining Copper and Tin, you do not find it, it has to be manufactured.

How did the people from the bronze age find out about bronze?

When people mixed Tin and Copper together.