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How do you find average?

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trial 1: 23 trial 2: 45 == == trial 3: 80 you then add the #'s up and divied them, by how many #'s they're are. so.. your answer will be in this qs 4.333333........... and so on

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Find the average of 132 140 145 128?

Find the average of 140

How do you find the average speed of an object?

Average distance ______________ = Average Speed Average time

How do you find an average of a number if it only tells you the average and how many numbers there are?

Why would you want to "find" the average if you are already told the average? Normally if you are told to "find" some information, that refers to information that isn't known from the beginning.

How do you find average speed?

To find average speed, you take the total distance and divide it by total time.

How do you find average velocity?

average velocity= displacement/ time

Where can you find average income based on age?

where can you find data for average income based on age for a specific city?

Is average a verb?

yes. "To find the average of a set of numbers" is the definition.

How do you find the average of 56?

The average of any one number is itself!

How do you find the average deviation from mean?

To Find Average Deviation 1. Find the average value of your measurements. 2. Find the difference between your first value and the average value. This is called the deviation. 3. Take the absolute value of this deviation. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for your other values. 5. Find the average of the deviations. This is the average deviation The average deviation is an estimate of how far off the actual values are from the average value, assuming that your measuring device is accurate. You can use this as the estimated error. Sometimes it is given as a number (numerical form) or as a percentage. To Find Percent Error 1. Divide the average deviation by the average value. 2. Multiply this value by 100. 3. Add the % symbol.

How do you find the average between integers?

To find the average of integers, add them all together then divide the total by the number of integers.

What do you if there is two medians?

you find the average of them

Which equation is used to find average speed?

average speed = distance / time .

How do you find the average deviation for ungrouped data?

The average deviation is always 0.

How do you find the average in mph?

Average speed = Total distance/Total time

What is a average number?

The Average number is the average of the numbers you're trying to find. To find the average number, you must add up all the numbers first and then divide by the number of numbers. Trust Point Me if this helped, Thanks!

How do i find the average of 42?

Two or more numbers are needed to find the average then you add them up then divide them by how many there are as for example the average of 2+4+6 = 12 and so 12/3 = 4 which is the mean average

What do you do if you have 2 medians?

Find the average of both medians to find 'the median'.

What is the average of 295616.10?

Since there is only one number to find an average of, the average is equal to the number itself, that is, 295616.10.

How do you find marginal average cost?

There is marginal cost and there is average cost but a marginal average cost makes no sense.

What formula would you create to find the average of Cells A1 A2 and A4 in Excel?

Excel formulas that will find the average of cells A1, A2, and A4 are: =AVERAGE(A1 ,A2, A4) or =AVERAGE(A1:A2, A4)

What measurements are necessary to find the average speed of a moving train?

Distance and time are the measurements necessary to find the average speed of a moving train.

How do you find the average of mixed fractions?

The same as you find the average of any other type of number. You add the numbers, then divide the result by the amount of numbers. For example, to find the average of three different numbers, you add them all, then divide the result by 3.

An example of a PASCAL program to find the average of a set of numbers?

how to get the arithmetic average on pascal

How do you find the total average speed?

Average Speed = Total Distance / Total Time

How do you find the mean and the average of a number?

The mean or average of a single number is always itself!