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How do you find azelf?

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go to any lake and use surf sorry i couldent remember witch lake Im SOOO sorry! =(

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What place can you get azelf in Pokemon indigo?

You can find Azelf in Vermillion City where Lt. Surge is in.

Where do you find azelf on Pokemon HeartGold?

you cant get azelf that isn't a kanto or jhoto Pokemon.

Anybody got an Azelf to trade on X and Y?

Yes, you can find azelf online at

How do you get the legendary Pokemon azelf with no Palkia in Pokemon pearl?

catch or defeat palkia and go to lake valor and you Will find azelf

Where do you find Azelf in Pokemon diamond?

In Valor Lakefront

Where do you find Azelf on Diamond?

Ya find it in one of the lakes on the town map.

Where do you find Azelf in Explorers of Darkness?

at the end of crystal crossing

How do you find pokedex info on mesprit azelf and uxie?

Catch them?

Where do you find Uxie Mesprit and Azelf?

you find them in the three lakes in diamond, pearl, and platinum.

Where can you find azelf in Pokemon Diamond?

you can find AZELF in lake Valour surf and go forward then u come to a dark cave go in and make sure you have MASTER BALLS or you save because it you run from it or kill it you cant find it anymore!!!

Where do you find Azelf?

You can find it at Lake Valor. The lake is by Veilstone City, just head down and you'll find it (or you could head left from Sunyshore City or right then up from patoria city). You have to surf to the middle of the lake and Azelf is in the middle of the cave.

How do you find azelf in Pokemon Diamond?

After visiting the Spear Pillar, go to Lake Valor and in the cave you should find Azelf. Bring a Pokemon along that has the move Mean Look so the Azelf cannot escape because they will try to teleport away. You probably will have to try multiple times to catch it if you don't have a Master Ball. If you have gone to Lake Valor and failed to catch it...Look on your Poketech and find the app Berry Finder. Then you must chase the Azelf's easier if you just use Mean Look at Lake Valor because it's really hard to find the Azelf after losing it once.

Where do you find azelf in Pokemon soul silver?

When you save Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie in Vermilon City. (Team Galactic HQ) It goes to one of the lakes in Sinnoh region.

What rare Pokemon can you find in pokeomn perl?

uxie azelf mesprit and palkia

Where can you find piano sheet music for uxie mesprit and azelf?

lol google

If you flee from azelf will it come back in Pokemon Diamond?

it is very hard to get azelf and mesprit and uxie. in my Pokemon diamond, azelf and mesprit fled the battle. if you want to find them, use your matching Pokemon app on your watch and DO NOT FLY UNDER ANY CONDITIONS. IF YOU FLY, THE POKEMON WILL ALSO FLY AND YOU WILL NEVER FIND THEM. DO NOT LOSE HOPE!!

Where can find azelf uxie mesprit when they flee?

When you catch dialga/palkia or defeat them, you can catch azelf and uxie in the lakes.Mespirit will flee so you gotta get a poketech radar to track it down.

What level does azelf evolve in Pokemon?

Azelf does not evolve

Is Azelf legendary in Pokemon?

Azelf is a legendary Pokemon.

How do you catch Uxie and Azelf in Pokemon Platinum?

They will run away, and you have to find them in the wild and capture them.

How do you find azelf in the distaration world?

The only Pokemon in the Distortion World is Giratina. Sorry.

Where can you find Pokemon 148 in Sinnoh?

#148 is Azelf. After battling Dialga/Palkia/Giratina (in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum respectively) a level 50 Azelf appears in the Lake Valor Cave.

How do you get azelf on Pokemon Diamond?

azelf iznt in a cave like uxie and marsprit, but it iznt the one that runs from you when u see it, i dont kno exactly where to find it, but if you go to google videos , and type in exactly this.. How Do You Catch Azelf In Pokemon Diamond ... (or pearl) it should have videos on how to get to the place to see it. =Panswer:you do find azelf in a cave in the middle of one of the three lakes in sinnoh. (you need surf to reach them). Mespirit is found in lake verity (near twinleaf) Azelf is found in lake valor(near pastoria), and Uxie in acuity(near snowpoint)

How do you find a azelf on Pokemon indigo?

There is only one way to catch azelf in PI. You have to use firebug 1.3.3 on mozilla firefox (a real downer for IE users) I'm not sure about the details but that's it. well that idk wat that's is but im looking for an azelf and hes one of my fav Pokemon and idk how to find him..... i wish it were easier than that

What type Pokemon is azelf?

Azelf is a psychic type pokemon.