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Click the link for directions and a diagram.


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the dealership has the codes also depending on which state your in theres Advace auto parts the have a book that has the codes the port to check the codes is under the dash

Hook up a scan tool or take it to your dealer.

have vehicle scanned to determine the problem and have codes cleared

it's under the glove box [behind] to the far right [blue].

If the check engine light comes on in a car, it is important to find out why. There is a scanner that can be bought that will tell the person what is wrong, or they can take their car to an auto shop.

what is b123 service code for 2008 honda accord

With an OBD2 scanner. Most big autoparts stores will do this for free.

go to your local auto parts store and tell them you need codes cleared. Or buy a code grabber and do it yourself.

The 1998 Honda Accord came equipped in a 4 and 6 cylinder engine. Transmission codes include P2A8 manual and BAXA automatic.

in pass.side under conecter with 2 wires.use another wire to conect the light on dash it will flash the codes

Honda-tech has a post on checking the tranny and engine codes. Hope this helps. This site looks like it's just about right, with pictures and everything :)

When the light comes on, your car has stored a trouble code. I would have the codes extracted(PEP BOYS/AUTO ZONE) to determine the problem.Sometimes it can be minor, but there can be 30+ different codes.

Check engine codes on Honda vehicles such as a 1992 Honda Civic have to be manually reset. To do so, remove the ECU fuse located inside the engine bay.

I found this helpful: Good luck.

There are only 6 service codes for the Honda Accord. Never heard of service code 7.

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

If the check engine light is on take it to auto zone and have the codes read. If not, take it to the dealer.

Go to Auto Zone's web site and type in Engine Trouble Code. They have a list for your vehicle and explains how to.

You can go to autozone and have the OBDII scanned for free. They can give you the code(s) that are bad and attempt to tell you which sensor is bad but they may not know. Just check the codes online or go to your local library and pick up a mitchell book and research it

You probably have a check engine light on so, start with having the ECM scanned for codes. The codes will help you determine the cause of the idling problem. It could be as simple as a vacuum leak. Your local auto parts store can help you with reading the codes at no cost.

what is code 14 in Honda civic 1990

check the codes and see what comes up, that'd be where i start...

A variety of codes could be set to illuminate the Check Engine light, most likely it is an O2 Sensor code but to be on the safe side have it read. After a few thousand (> 30K) miles it isn't uncommon for the light to come on. My advise, Get it checked.

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