How do you find extinct flying fox fossils?

I hope this might whet your appetite! There have been rumors of animals which might be classed as Flying(though in a passive sense like Flying squirrels) Sable-that is reddish colored Antelopes. There are somewhat (Authenticated) sightings in the former USSR by surveyors and engineers and similar technical types. sighted through a Theodolite, they had a measured wing-or cape spread of TWENTY FEET and as one might guess were very lightly built like muntjacs (miniature deer). Estimates of a (Take off) speed of 60Miles per hour running fast or downhill and a maximum flight speed of 80 MPH have been postulated, color is red. There is a remote possibility this may have impacted holiday mythology-In the Nick of time, Kidding aside there are rumors of a passive-flying antelope-like animal in the former Union. In their own way, picturesque and pretty but a bit weird, like so many things Russian.