Best Answer and similar sites are a pretty good place to start.

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Q: How do you find films or productions in England looking for actors?
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Who owns type a films aka type a productions?

Reese Witherspoon owns TYPE A PRODUCTIONS

What company make the James Bond films?

Eon Productions

What types of media does Wong Fu Productions make?

Wong Fu Productions makes films. Initially the three principals of the company made music videos and short films that were available on their web site and then YouTube. Now their films are shown at film festivals including Cannes.

How many james bonds films have been made?

The James Bond films are made by EON productions. Over the years there have been 23 James Bond films made.

Is a star a human being?

Yes, if you are talking about the stars that perform in films and stage productions.

Do more British actors live in London or America?

Lots of British actors only live in America when filming or promoting films and still have a house in England

Who produced or distributed Journey into India?

The only listing found was Journey Across India (2007), produced by Bharatbala Productions, TriColor Films and MacGillivray Freeman Films. It was distributed by MacGillivray Freeman Films.

Is George Clooney a good actor?

Not in my opinion but he surrounds himself in films with good actors, he's good looking tho

When was the film FastForward produced?

There are a number of films called 'Fast Forward. The most popular title was produced in 1985 by Columbia Pictures, Delphi III Productions and Verdon-Cedric Productions.

Were there ever any black actors in any Alfred Hitchcock films?

Yes. albeit stereotypical in a few of his films, Hitchcock had black actors in his films.

What two EM Forster books were adapted into films by merchant-ivory productions?

A Room With A View, Howards End, and Maurice. All by Merchant Ivory Productions. "A Passage to India", was distributed by Columbia Pictures.

Are all of Ron Clements' films from Disney?

Yes, Ron Clements has worked on ten animated films, all Disney productions. His roles have included animator, screenwriter, producer and director.

What films has James Bond made?

23 films that were by Eon Productions. 2 that were non-Eon (Never Say Never Again and the 1967 Casino Royale).

Do you have to go to America to be an actor?

Of course not! There are many famous actors that never go to the US. The Indian film industry "Bollywood" is bigger then the US film industry. The Harry Potter films were done with British actors in Britain. Many foreign countries have successful film and theater productions.

Why do we need scripts for films?

So that the actors can learn their lines. Obviously some films don't have scripts and the actors improvise their diologue.

Is it possible to watch films online with no instalments?

try searching for the film you are looking for on, they have some films

What was the Production company for night of the living dead?

Image Ten, Laurel Group, Market Square Productions, and Off Color Films.

Did any Harry Potter films win anything tony awards?

Of course not. Tony Awards are not for movies. They're only awarded to Broadway productions.

What are some examples of indie films?

Indie films are professional film productions resulting is a feature film that is produced mostly outside of the major film studio system. Some examples of indie films are : Absent Father, Life with Father and Secret Life of Cats.

How are films and plays the same?

They arent the same. Films are videos were actors act their role. Plays are when actors perform a story live on a stage.

What are some good film production company names?

Something creative, like mine is PurpleGoo Productions.. I will give you a list of names I can think of: COMEDY/RANDOM: YellowPaint Studios JustChillax Films BlueApple Productions PurpleAlien Studios TieTwister Productions MindTurner Studios RELAXING/TIPS/CALMING JustChill Studios CalmingDuck Productions TipOfTheFuture Studios TipSpa Films EMO/METAL/SCREAMO BlackWolf Films VampireFox Studios Werewolf Productions Sorry, that's it.. Have fun! :D

What happened to child actors who dissapwared from films?

Which specific child actors are you asking about?

What are some Usernames to use for YouTube?

YouTube is all about videos. So something with 'films', or 'productions' at the end would be great. Here are some examples: john(ur name)films basketballproductions juicyfilms aero/holli/aeriefilms

What is the production house of Cinderella Man?

Cinderella Man was produced by Universal Pictures, Miramax Films, Image Entertainment, Parkway Productions and Touchstone Pictures.

What has Zerrin Egeliler accomplished?

Zerrin Egeliler is an actress from Instanbul, Turkey. All the productions and films she has starred in are known in Turkey, but not so much in America.