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The 776th has an association which I suggest you contact. They will be able to provide you more information, go to the attached web site and scroll down until you locate the 776th

Here is a web site that the 776th maintains on the web:

Another good site: Org Support 776

We have had yearly reunions for the 776th veterans. They are having their final one this year, August 13,14,15, 2004 in Minneapolis. We have records of the campaigns they fought. There is also a web site that has information:

Good luck.

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How do you find info on the 776th tank destroyer battlion in the pacific theater during world war 2?

The 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion didn't fight in the Pacific theater during World War II. Google 776th Tank destroyer battalion. Here is the link;

Where can you find information on the 671ST tank destroyer battalion?

The 671st Tank Destroyer Battalion served in the Pacific Theatre during World War II and was equipped with M18 tank destroyers. It landed in the Philippines in July 1945 but saw little combat during the final weeks of the war. You can find more information about this unit and others by visiting Google and typing in Tank Destroyer Society, a website that has much information about the Tank Destroyer Force in general and links to other websites that have information about the various tank destroyer battalions.

What division did the 652 tank destroyer battalion belong to?

The 652nd Tank Destroyer Batallion was not assigned to a particular division as it remained stateside during World War II.

Was eisenhower the american general of the pacific during world war 2?

No. he was in charge of the European theater in WW2. MacArthur was in charge of the Pacific theater.

What is German theater?

ETO (European Theater of Operations); PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations); CBI (China, Burma, India Theater of Operations) during WWII.

What is the PTO during World War 2?

Pacific Theater of Operations

What The United states suffered what disadvantage in the pacific theater during world war 2?

Compared to fighting in Europe, the United States suffered what disadvantage in the Pacific Theater during World War II?

How many US Army Soldiers served in the Pacific theater in World War 2?

How many casualties did the US Army incur in the Pacific theater during WW2?

What was the bloodiest battle fought in the pacific theater during World War 2?

The bloodiest battle in the Pacific theater during World War 2 was the battle for Luzon in the Philippines. It is estimated that there were between 332,000 and 345,000 casualties.

Where was the 825th tank Destroyer Battalion during the bulge?

I found this information for you from a Norwegian military researcher.17 Dec 2004, 17:20Task Force Hanson (Commanding Officer Captain Harold D. Hanson)During the Battle of the Bulge attached to U.S. 30th Infantry Division??Units attached to Task Force Hanson 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate)526 Armoured Infantry Battalion825th Tank Destroyer Battalion?Battle of the Bulge, the Task Force was ordered into defensive positions south of Malmedy, Belgium.Norwegian-Americans and the 99th Infantry Battalion (Separate) Center of Research and Information on the Battle of the Bulge Website/Mikael Sundholm

Who was commander of the American forces in the pacific theater during World War 2?

The Pacific was divided into two theaters, largely because after MacArthur escaped from the Philippines something had to be done to give him a command appropriate to his prestige. So the Southwest Pacific Theater was carved out for this purpose. Admiral Chester Nimitz commanded the Central Pacific Theater.

What was Captain Queeg's Ship's Name?

He commanded the U.S.S. Caine which was a destroyer / minesweeper in the Pacific during World War II.

Which engineering battalion did Col Harvey Martin command?

Major H.F. Martin commanded the 1277th Engineer Combat Battalion in the European Theater of Operations during WW 2. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

Who were the two primary commanders in the Pacific theater during World War 2?

MacArthur and Nimitz

American general in the pacific in World War II?

General of the Army (5 Star) Douglas MacArthur was the Theater Commander in the Pacific during WWII.

During World War 2 the gigantic battle that was the turning point in the Pacific theater was the?

The Battle Of Midway

What did During World War 2 the gigantic battle that was the turning point in the Pacific theater was the?

The Battle of Midway.

What is the significance of Douglas mcarthur during the Korean war?

MacArthur was the Supreme Allied Commander for both WW2 and the Korean War (WW2-Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations/Nimitz was Supreme Allied Commander for the remainder of the Pacific Theater/US Army General Stillwell commanded the CBI Theater).

Who were the two primary commanders in the pacific theater during world war ii?

Admiral Nimitz and General MacArthur

Who was America fighting during World War 2?

Nazi Germany in the European Theater of Operations, and Imperial Japan in the Pacific…

Who did the US fight a two front war with during World War 2?

ETO, European Theater of Operations against Germany; and the PTO, Pacific Theater of Operations against Japan.

War in the air during World War 2?

Land based airplanes in the ETO; Carrier plane warfare in the PTO. ETO=European Theater of Operations PTO=Pacific Theater of Operations

Why is Douglas MacArthur relevant?

He was an important US military leader during World War 2. He served in the Pacific Theater of Operations.

What was the 632

632 Tank Destroyer Battalion I would think: Probably using the A10 tank destroyer, a self propelled gun which the British called Achilles. 632 t/d was attached to the 24th infantry division during ww2, did a lot of fighting on Leyte island. would have been equipped with m10 or m37 s/p guns

Who was the appointed general-in-chief of the Allied forces during World War 2 in the Far East?

US Army General Stillwell, CBI Theater; US Army General MacArthur Southwest Pacific; US Navy Admiral Nimitz, the rest of the Pacific Theater.