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Where can you find information about a reverse glass painting of the Palace of Versailles France where World's Peace Treaty was signed made and sold by Chicago Portrait Company?

Have you tried the Chicago Public Library or Chamber of Commerce archives for history of Chicago Portrait Company? I'm looking for info on a similar painting "Castle in Belgium", same era.

Where can you find information about the portrait castle in Belgium by the Chicago Portrait Company?

You can find information about the portrait castle in Belgium by the Chicago Portrait Company at any art dealer's facility or auction house. This reverse-painting of the castle is often sold in auctions and goes for about 25 dollars as the reproductions are limited in their editions.

Where can a person go to find more information about the Edinburgh Zoo?

The Edinburgh Zoo is located in the UK. For individuals that may be interested in obtaining more information about the zoo, the zoo offers information on their company website. Individuals may also call the Edinburgh Zoo directly to obtain answers and information.

When was Merchant Company of Edinburgh created?

Merchant Company of Edinburgh was created in 1681.

When was Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers created?

Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was created in 1744.

Where is the location of Chicago Life Insurance company?

The Headquarters of Chicago Life Insurance Company can not be found. I do not feel that this is an actual name for a company. The only information that I was able to find is for life insurance companies located in Chicago.

Where ca you find this painting made by Franklin picture frame company 4031 in Chicago 1951?

i have one why?

When was Garfinkel Painting Company created?

Garfinkel Painting Company was created in 1931.

Is there a bus from Chicago il to holland mi?

Contact your local bus company for that information.

What is the address of Chicago Watercraft?

Chicago Watercraft is located at 800 South Wells in the city of Chicago, Illinois 60607. Additional information about the company can be found at their official website.

Where was the Chicago Bed and Table Company located and what years was it in operation?

I have a table made by the Chicago Table bed Company & am trying to find info as well. Please advise if information becomes avaiable. Thanks

Who is persevere private hire?

Taxi company in Edinburgh, Scotland

When was Chicago Recording Company created?

Chicago Recording Company was created in 1975.

When was Chicago Opera Company created?

Chicago Opera Company was created in 1940.

When was Chicago Tunnel Company created?

Chicago Tunnel Company was created in 1906.

When was Chicago Trolley Company created?

Chicago Trolley Company was created in 1993.

Where could you find and purchase a negative for a portrait that was taken at the Chicago Portrait Company in 1947?

I am also interested in the Chicago Portrait Company as I have an artist painting that has a plate on the back of the frame dated 1907 of my great grandparents. I am wondering if they had sales reps traveling northern Michigan to redo the picture that was taken.

When was Chicago Motor Coach Company created?

Chicago Motor Coach Company was created in 1917.

When was Chicago City Opera Company created?

Chicago City Opera Company was created in 1935.

When did Chicago City Opera Company end?

Chicago City Opera Company ended in 1939.

When was Chicago Varnish Company Building created?

Chicago Varnish Company Building was created in 1895.

When was Chicago Union Station Company created?

Chicago Union Station Company was created in 1913.

When was Lithuanian Opera Company of Chicago created?

Lithuanian Opera Company of Chicago was created in 1956.

When was Chicago Grand Opera Company created?

Chicago Grand Opera Company was created in 1910.

What is stucco paints suitable for?

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