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There was no Crescent Firearms Co after 1935 when the company was purchased by Savage/Stevens.

2015-07-15 21:37:12
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What is the population of Eibar?

The population of Eibar is 27,378.

When was Eibar Coa born?

Eibar Coa was born on 1971-02-15.

I need info on Cal 6.35 auto pistol with SM on grips and Eibar proof mark.?

The Eibar proofmark means it is of Spanish make.

How do you brake down a fast eibar 32 cal pistol?

You need a gunsmith

When was Antxon Urrusolo born?

Antxon Urrusolo was born in 1954, in Eibar, Spain.

How much is a eibargun 10 GA side by side worth?

Eibar is a location in Spain where there are a lot of gun makers. It is not a company, brand or model. We would need more information to offer a value. Sorry.

How much is a 12 gauge mugica eibar shotgun worth?

Around the 500nzd mark

Who made the apache 32 wcf ctg 1925 eibar espana six round revolver and what is it worth?

Apache was the trade name of Ojanguren y Vidosa, Eibar, Spain. Modest quality and price. Depending on condition, $50-150.

What is the value of a 7.65 caliber bonifacio Echeverria Eibar Izarra?

10-100 USD or so

What is the value of 1914 model Eibar automatic pistol made by zulaica?

50-100 USD

What is the value of a dbl shot gun fa discoverer eibar made in Spain?

20 gauge

What is a 1914 model automatic 32 pistol made by Beistegui hermanos eibar worth?


How do you find value of Eibar Animo express 12 Gauge Shotgun?

You can find the value of an Eibar Animo Express 12 gauge shotgun by taking the gun to an expert at a pawn shop or at a gun store. You can also find the value by searching websites like GunStar online.

What is the value of an Eibar double barrel 12 gauge Condition 95 percent serial no 6867 Would like production date and information where I can look up the information?

This gun is covered with scroll work in what appears to be silver. Gun performed very good. Did have a problem with side lock pin breaking.

What is the value of a single break over FA Eibar discoverer shotgun?

The doubles I've seen labeled by this name were made by Francisco Anitua and the sidelocks seem to be selling on Gunbroker for $300.00 in good condition. However the reviews I have read from owners were all positive.

Information and Value of a Echasa Eibar Spain cal 22 LR Modelo Fast and same gun in a 32 cal?

50-100 and 75-150More for double action +/or nickel models, (if you can find someone who's willing to sell them.)

What country made Eibar Animo express 12 Gauge Shotgun?

Spain. Likely pre-Spanish Civil war.

What is the value of a 410 gauge side by side expressly made for kassner imports Harrisburg pa made in Spain by zaballa hnssbrg eibar?

The exact value of a 410 gauge side by side made by Zaballa Hnssbrg Eibar actually depends on a number of things. A couple of these things would be the age and condition of the firearm.

What is the value 0f 1914 model eibar automatic pistol?

it was made in Spain and the metal is questionable for safety reasons. little value.

How do you find a forearm for a 10 gauge sxs Zabala Hnds src Eibar?

try bob's gun shop royal,ar

Sarasqueta Felix double barrel 12g?

Manufactured Eibar, Spain. Imported to the US in 1986 by SAE, Inc. of Miami, FL.

Need help identifying your gun 12 gauge magnum side x side hammerless eig-eibar-spain FA on the barrel choke 17.4 over18.5 and 18.7 over 18.5 FS serial number 13730?

The area of Eibar Spain was home to a host of small gun makers. That is also where yours was proof tested. It was imported by EIG of Florida (owned by Saul Eig) They are generally well made utility grade guns of modest value. If you remove the barrels, on the flat of the underside (known as the water table) there may be markings that indicate the maker. The numbers are the metric designation of choke diameter (I THINK full and modified choke) EIG has been gone for some time, with little information on the variety of guns they imported.

The worth marixa-eibar double barrel 10 gauge designed for Parker ballard?

Not more than $600 if in excellent condition.

Youre trying to find info on a 12 gauge side by side with the words Du Bois as well as Armas bost Eibar.?

Go to and do a search for Bost and you will come up with at least two shotguns like yours that are for sale, and will provide some information on the shotgun itself.

What is a 1914 model automatic 32 pistol made by Beistegui hermanos-eibar worth?

Blue Book of Gun Values ============= It depends on the condition and whether it has the markings for a pistol used by the French military in WWI. In general, these and other Eibar region "Ruby-type" pistols currently (late 2010) sell for about $100-$300. Beistigui Hermanos (Brothers) was a well-known firearms manufacturer, but in the US few people collect Spanish handguns. (Eibar is a city in the Basque region of Spain, an area long known for firearms manufacturing. Dozens of small Eibar-area firearms manufacturers made almost a million Ruby-type automatics for the French military in WWI, most in .32 ACP / 7.65mm. Most of these companies went out of business by the end of the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s.)