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you would enter the area off of diversey and walk down past umbrella tables with chairs. there was a mobile unit next to the building where you could purchase light refreshments (soft drinks and i believe things like Hot Dogs -- nothing fancy...) i have home movies of the olson rug waterfalls. when i see my elderly grandmother up there crossing a little suspended bridge of sorts, it does make me a bit nervous today. however, it was fun for us as kids and no one thought about the dangers then. it was particularly cool in the fall with cornstalks and other things decorating the site with an autumn theme.

Chicago waterfallMy grandmother lived around the corner from Olson Rug during the 50s and 60s. Every Sunday we'd go there for dinner and during good weather the day included a visit to the Waterfalls. The scene was quite expansive and included areas of cultural interest i.e., Native American settings. It was outrageously dangerous. Certainly the litigiousness of our nation forced its public closing though it was still visible from the street for many years. You can get postcards with the scene on them at any Olson Rug store.... On the site today is the Marshall Field & Co. warehouse. Drive by - I think it's about 3000 West just south of Belmont. My Babcia's address was 3100 on Harding.... Enjoy!

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  • It was the waterfalls and rock garden in Olson Park surrounding the Olson Rug Factory -- Diversey at Pulaski (Crawford). See: e input from Wiki s Contributors.
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Q: How do you find information about a waterfall near the expressway in Chicago in the 1960s?
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