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How do you find information about war babies born to British mothers and US soldiers during World War 2?

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If there is a birth certificate, it could have place of birth........birth indexes if you have a name will also give place of birth, including which quarter, the baby was registered. If you have only a name, then it is a hard slog of reading the indexes, until you find a name, date or place, which seems to fit. The US privacy laws are quite good but the Canadian Privacy Act, is inhumane. Try or the Church of the Latter Day Saints, they have an incredible amount of info. I am researching for my biological Father, who was a Canadian and my Mother was taken care of by the Canadian Red Cross in England but they are not forth-coming with any information. The last e-mail I wrote to them, has not been answered. I would be interested to know how many WW2 war babies are still around. Finding out is difficult but there has to be a way of making changes.

2008-07-08 16:24:40
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