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I don't know much about the history, but I can tell you that it's a single word: Budlong

On the northwest side of Chicago there is a Budlong School, named after the family; and also Budlong Woods, which I believe is part of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.

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Is there still a possibilty of buying, or getting, a jar of Budlong pickles. Are they still in business? Thanks for any help. Kenn Budlong

See Bundlong's Pickles

toward end of history.

A neighbor of mine told of a nearby landing field and a pickle farm. Mather Park now stands where one of them used to be.

My name is Wendy and I am a direct descendant of the Chicago Budlong farmers. I don't have all the facts in front of me right now but my father was Lyman A. Budlong and his father was Joseph Budlong (I believe his name was Joseph) and they were all in Evanston. Joseph Budlong and his father had a farm and they produced Budlong pickles. When I was a kid we visited, in 1961 or so, and you could still find a few old jars of the pickles but by then my grandfather had sold it all to Del Monte or something. Anyway, I don't have all the facts exactly but it was definitely my family and I'd love to get my hands on any Budlong pickle memorabilia if anyone has some they'd like to pass on.

Budlong Pickle Co. also had a pickle "factory" in Mauston, Wisconsin. They bought local cucumbers, sorted them by size and made them in wooden vats. There was a large deck area that went nearly to the top of the vats. The salt was brought in by rail and stored in a building on site. A wheelbarow was used to load salt to the vats when they made a brine. A large wooden cover went over the top while the cukes "worked". As a pre-teen, I used to sell my cucumbers across the street at the pickle factory. It's no longer there but there is still one building left although it doesn't look like it used to. Under the decking was a great place to play hide & seek as a kid. Then again, most places were.

According to a brief history of Ravenswood by Tim Wittman, Budlong Brothers Pickle Factory was located at Lincoln & Berwyn Avenues & opened in 1857

According to a brief history of Ravenswood by Tim Wittman, Budlong Brothers Pickle Factory was located at Lincoln & Berwyn Avenues & opened in 1857

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