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These were sold by Sears and Roebuck.

The Model 300 is really a Winchester model 1400.

SORT OF The Ted Williams 300 is basically a Winchester 1400, and the TW 200 is basically the Winchester 1200, but certain parts do NOT interchange. The buttstocks and trigger guards, for example.

Here is a cross reference chart. It is correct that Sears had some exclusive features on the Ted Williams models. I have a Ted Williams 300 that has an adjustable choke that was not available on the Winchester 1400, for example.

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Q: How do you find information on Ted Williams shotguns?
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Why is the butt stock different on the Ted Williams shotgun versus the Winchester shotguns?

This was a production request from sears,which sold the shotguns under the name of ted williams.

When did sears quit selling ted Williams shotguns?

around 1988

Were any slug barrels made for all models of the Ted Williams shotguns?

I have a sears Ted Williams twelve gauge semi-automatic shotgun and it came with a barrel to fire slugs.

Value of Ted Williams 20 gauge shotgun in perfect condition?

The Pump shotguns are bringing $150 to $200

Who made the Ted Williams 410 ga shot gun model 282510840?

Ted Williams shotguns were made by Ithaca and sold thru Sears. Some of this model were made by Bolito of Brazil and will have "Brazil" stamped on the receiver.

Who made the Sears Ted Williams M-300 20 gauge shotgun serial Q103755?

The Sears Ted Williams Model 300, semi-auto, shotguns were made by Winchester. The Sears 300 is the same as the Winchester Model 1400.

Can you find information about a Ted Williams Model 300 semi-automatic shotgun from 1983?

This is really a Winchester model 1400.

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How much is a ted Williams 12 gauge pump shotgun worth?

Ted Williams 12 gauge shotguns were manufactured by Sears Roebuck. In good condition, they sell online for around 200 dollars, but some dealers will take customer's best offers if asked.

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What is Ted Williams home town?

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What is the value of a ted Williams semi-auto 12gauge 2 34chamber?

Most sears shotguns are valued between 100-250 dollars depending on overall condition.

Laurona shot guns by Ted Williams?

Ted Williams was the store brand name used by Sears. Laurona made the shotgun for Sears and stamped it Ted Williams for the.

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When did sears sale ted Williams rifles?

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What year is my 273.532730 ted Williams model 73 30.06 springfield?

My best guess is sometime between 1962 (When Sears signed a contract with Ted Williams) and 1978 (Sears discontinued the Ted Williams markings that year), The rifle is a Winchester Model 70- excellent rifle, by the way. The 273 number is the model number. If there is no serial number on the frame, it was pre-1968 (serial numbers were not required by US law on rifles and shotguns until 1968)