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I have a very nice 12 ga SxS Tobin I inherited from my father. I believe Tobin made shotguns in Norwich Connecticut from about 1903 to 1908 I also understand that a Canadian company in Ottowa sold shotguns named Tobin for awhile before or after that time. My knowlege is sketchy,but I would be interested to learn anything I can about Tobin shotguns. I would also like to find a gunsmith knowlegable and experienced about repairing them.

I recently purchased a Tobin field grade SxS 12 gauge. I am going to re-blue the gun as part of the gunsmithing course that I am attending at Montgomery Community College in Troy NC. It is a 6 semester course that takes 2 years. I will be required to disasemble the gun as a presentation for the class, identifing each part, and explaining its function. I will be doing this with the assistance of my two instrutors if needed. I would be willing to repair your Tobin because I need 5 shotguns to repair for this semester. If you are interested you can reach me at 704-517-4044. This was posted on Dec. 21,2005. Scott

Tobin was in fact a Canadian company that after a decade of production in Woodstock Ontario moved after WWI (approximately) to the US before going bankrupt. There are two excellent articles on Tobin in the DOUBLE GUN JOURNAL a few years ago.

I have a decent Tobin field grade, which if I ever have any money, I'm going to have Purdey-trained Nick Makinson upgrade.

Elliott Leyton

The Tobin Arms Co. manufactured hammer and hammerless sidelock shotguns (12 and 16 ga.) from 1904-1909 in Norwich,Ct. They moved to Woodstock,Ont., Canada and manufactured guns from 1910-1923 when the Tobin Arms Co. surrendered its charter. The guns were continued under the name " G.B.Crandall " for a number of years, some say till the early fifties! Information on these guns is available through the following articles: 1.DGJ (Double Gun Journal)Vol.5 Issue 1(1994) p.47-53 by David J. Noreen 2.DGJ (Double Gun Journal)Vol.8 Issue 1(1997) p.171-176) by David J. Noreen 3.The Canadian Journal 'Arms Collecting' Vol.14,No.1.p.13-29(Feb.1976) Reprint of Catalog No.311.(1911?) 4.The Canadian Journal 'Arms Collecting' Vol.34,No.3 p.75-82 by David J. Noreen (Aug.1996) Serial Numbers go to at least 22,700. I hope this is of some help. Most probably available at local libraries or through 'Museum Restoration Services'(on internet)

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Q: How do you find information on Tobin Firearms?
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