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Q: How do you find information on Winchester model 67 World War 2 Lend-Lease rifles?
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What year did that quit putting the WCF on winchester 94?

Winchester discontinued putting the WCF markings on there model 1894 rifles after World War II.

Do they still make Winchester 2535 rifles?

I know that winchester does not make any model 1894 rifles in 25-35 win.caliber anymore.Ypu may find some older ones on the market,but they will not be cheap.Most rifles chambered in 25-35 were made prior to world war II.

Why no Winchester 94 serial numbers from 1943 - 1947?

because of world war II. Winchester was geared up for the war effort and producing rifles ammo etc.they did make some rifles for the consumer market but kept no direct records due to the amount of production for the war.

What year did winchester drop the cartridge designation of 30-wcf from the model 94 rifle?

Most rifles made by Winchester dropped the WCF(Winchester Center Fire) designation at the start of World War II.In this case 1941-1942.

How old is a Winchester 64 serial number 1391455?

The winchester model 64 was serially numbered in the model 94 series.These rifles were made from 1933-1957.Your rifles serial number falls into the time frame of 1943-1948 when Winchester did not record serial numbers by the year of production due to World War II.If I had to say which year yours was made,I would say 1944.

Anything about a Winchester air rifle model 416 that was made in Germany?

This rifle is rated for 363 feet per second (FPS). That is slow in today's world where air rifles exceed 1000 FPS. If this rifle was in EXCELLENT condition and I do mean Excellent it would be worth $50. From 1969-75 Meyer & Grammelspacher of Germany made air rifles for Winchester.

What was the name of john j pershing's horse?

John J. Pershing was the Supreme Commander of troops in Europe in World War I. His horse was named Winchester after the company that makes rifles.

What year did Winchester start using 30-30 instead of 30 wcf?

I have always considered the change to have taken place with rifles produced after world war II.

What is the age of your m1918 Winchester 30-06 serial number511955?

Are you asking about the model of 1917 bolt action rifle in 30-06 caliber which Winchester made for the U.S. for World War I? If so Winchester made 545,511 rifles between 1917-1919.I would say with your serial number it was made in late 1918.

What is the value of 32 special Winchester model 94 serial 1487552?

You have a Winchester model 1894 rifle that was produced during the World War II years.(1943-1948).during this time span Winchester did not record the serial numbers by year of production.These rifles bring between 300-550 dollars depending on overall condition.

How many remington model 1917's were made?

Remington made 646,000 US model of 1917 rifles for the goverment during world war I. Winchester and eddystone also produced rifles for the U S goverment during that time,with eddystone being the largest producer.

Is a 308 Winchester different from a 308 Weatherby?

There is no such cartridge as a ".308" weatherby, only a .308 Winchester, interchangable with the 7.62 Nato. Once upon a time, Weatherby only made rifles in unique weatherby cartridge calibers, eg. .300 weatherby, .378 weatherby, .460 weatherby, etc. Now weatherby makes rifles in many non-weatherby cartridge calibers, including the .308 Winchester. Do not confuse a rifle manufacturer with the company name that may have introduced the cartridge in which the rifle may be chambered. To further get your head spinning, many cartridge companies make cartridges (all equivalent) in the .308 Winchester caliber including Winchester, Remington, federal, norma, and multiple European companies. The short answer is yes they are the same. If you see a weatherby rifle chambered in .308, (and not .308 Norma Magnum), it is a .308 Winchester caliber (Winchester rifles exist in .308 Winchester caliber). The weatherby rifle is most likely a weatherby 'Vangard' model (a cheaper line of rifles manufactured by weatherby). Top of the line weatherby model rifles are noted for their high prices, ornate stocks and high power weatherby calibers (the .460 weatherby magnum is the most powerful factory cartridge in the world, about 80% more muzzle energy than the .458 Winchester magnum, first sold in Winchester's African model 70 rifle).

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 serial number 1497046?

I can say that your Winchester was made just before 1947.That year Winchester started with the serial number 1,500,000.Which was the starting point for after World War II production.So very late 1946 production.The value would be based on the rifles overall condition to include the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and metal(blueing).the rifles bore condition and if any special order features are present.All this info is needed to be provided by you to get a correct evaluation for a value.

How many rifles were used in World War 2?

Over 100 million rifles were used during World War 2.

Which is older a Winchester 72 or 72a?

I can say that the Winchester model 72,and 72A were made from 1938-1943(40,566) were made and after World war II another 120,434 rifles were made from 1946-1949.The only difference in the 2 rifles were that the model 72A had a swept back bolt handle and some minor internal improvements.Winchester did not serial number these rifles and keep records of production,other than what I have stated.Both models were produced at the same time,but the original model 72 was made first for a few years.The answer is the model 72.

How rare is a 32-40 Winchester made in 1913?

While not very common your winchester model 1894 rifle is chambered in a caliber that was seeing it,s swan song by the time 1913 was rolling by.These fine rifles made prior to world war I are some of the best winchester made.Your rifle could be worth a considerable amount if in fine condition and happens to have some custom features that were available during that time span.If your rifle has a full octagon barrel,or a half magazine,or special wood,then we are talking in excess of 1,000 dollars.Almost all rifles of this age and in good condition can only be found in winchester collections.If you have this rifle congratulations and enjoy a fine winchester rifle.

Where can you find out about Winchester Model 1894 25-35 WCF Rifle?

I can say that your rifle was made sometime between 1894-1941.Winchester quit chambering the model 1894 rifle in 25-35 WCF at the outbreak of World War II.You should be able to find out alot of Info on the pre-64 made Winchester model 1894 rifles anywhere on the internet.

What country used rifles in world war 1?

All nations that were engaged in combat used rifles.

Which countries had rifles in world war1?

All of them.

How many rifles are there in the world?

Over 10 million

How many rifles are there?

Tens of millions world wide

What was used by all soldiers in World War 1?


What is the most accurate gun in the world?

sniper and target rifles

Did soldiers in World War 1 use rifles?

yes they did

What did they have for weapons in World War I?

m4 rifles and Steyr AUG