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Q: How do you find information on a 22 s-l-lr Shapleigh's King Nitro patent number 2094577?
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Where can you find information about 22 LR caliber Ranger 101-11 tube load patent 2094577?

I do'nt know what a user name is

What company made tube feed bolt action rifle with patent no 2094577?

Quite a few have, Winchester is one.

Patent number on antique to look up the original patent?

If it is a U.S. patent, you can go to the USPTO website for patent searches and enter the number in "patent number search".

How do you look up an old patent number from Reflect One Corp?

If it is a U.S. patent, you can go to the USPTO website for patent searches and enter the number in "patent number search". You can obtain the online image of nearly any US patent ever issued (using TIFF format). If you do not know the patent number, you may have to go elsewhere for more information, as the USPTO database prior to 1976 cannot be searched by anything other than the patent number.

How Do I Apply For A Patent?

For patent information, you need to contact The US Patent and Trademark Office or you can also visit their websiteand find some additional patent information there.

What is the patent number for printing braille?

the patent number is 5209584

What was the patent number for the mailbox?

There is no specific patent number for the mailbox.

What is a patent pending or patent number notice?

Patent pending is a warning that a patent application has been filed. It is completely worthless until and unless a patent is actually issued for that invention. Patent number notice means a patent with that number was issued for the invention that is implemented in the product labeled with that number.

When was Patent Information Users Group created?

Patent Information Users Group was created in 1988.

What is a patent number?

A patent number is the code that helps identify an invention.

What is the US patent number for Humira?

The US patent number is US 7198789 B2.

How do i find out when a patent number was registered?

You communicate with the Patent Office.

Can you help you find any info on a shapleighs king nitro 22cal bolt action rifle there are no serial numbers three patent numbers bought used 30-36 years ago?

BLue Book of Gun values

Who holds patent number 555408021?

There is no US patent 555408021. There is also no US patent 55408021.

Where would one find information on how to get a patent?

The best resource for information on how to get a patent is the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The USPTO has a user friendly website with lots of information about each part of the patenting process.

Where can one find information on how to patent your idea?

There are many ways one can find out about information on obtaining a patent on an idea. This includes obtaining the help of a patent attorney or asking in forums.

What was the patent number?


What is the phone number of the Holland Patent Free Library in Holland Patent?

The phone number of the Holland Patent Free Library is: 315-865-5034.

Where can one find information on US patent online?

Information on U.S patents can be found on the U.S patent and trademark office website. If you are searching for a certain trademark or patent they have resources at your disposal.

When did the Frisbee get a patent?

The Frisbee patent was issued on September 30, 1958 as Design Patent number D183,626.

What is FIND Engine Technology - Patent Number 6968316?

FIND Engine Technology - Patent Number 6,968,316 is "Systems, Methods, and Computer Program Products for Producing Narrative Financial Analysis Reports." Information found at

Do you have any information on a shotgun with a patent date of Dec 11 1900 and serial number PG 639?

That patent date is found on shotguns manufactured by J. Stevens Arms & Tool Co.

How can one find more information about getting a patent?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office website is a great resource for information about obtaining a patent. The website has all of the information you need to apply for a patent or search for a patent.

What was the U.S patent number for the camera in to Alexander Wolcott?

US Patent No. 1582

What is the maker of a gun if patent number is E42550?

You will have to check with the US Patent Office