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The attached link will take you to a brief history of the Baker Gun Company.

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Try researching old gun or sports related magazines at the library.

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Q: How do you find information on the Baker Gun company?
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Where can you find information on a gun made by Howard Arms Company?

the best place for gun info would be cabelas gun library.

Can you find information on Minnesota firearms company?

Blue Book of Gun Values

How do you find information on Wilmot gun company?

Wilmot Gun Company was a trade name made by Henri Pieper in Belgium c. 1877-1914.

Where can you find information on Lancaster Arms company 1910-1920?

Blue book of gun values

Where can you find information about an Ithaca side by side with serial number 15153D4?

Look in "The Ithaca Gun Company - From the Beginning"

When was my gun made it batavia leader?

Made sometime between 1905 and 1931. They were made by the Baker Gun Company in Batavia New York.

Where can you find information about the UMC gun company?

UMC refers to Union Metallic Cartridge company. They are owned by Remington and only make ammunition not firearms.

Find information about a gun using a serial number?

You can find out @ when it was made/shipped and other data depending on what, if anything , has been published by the company.

Where can you find information about a Spencer gun company single shot shotgun patented Aug 11 1896?

Have you tried the Internet?

Where can you find a stock for a Baker double barrel shotgun?

Try, gun shops, gun shows, want ads.

Where can one find more information about gun shows?

One can find plenty of information about gun shows on websites such as "Showmasters", "Cross Roads Gun Shows", "Gun Show Trader" or "East Man Gun Show".

How old is your 12 gauge shot gun only info on is Baker gun co Batavia NY?

There is a lot of Information on the Baker Gun & Forging Co. They started in 1890 and made shotguns up to 1923. They made several different grades of shotguns. I suggest that you go to a book store and find a book called "2008 standard catalogue of firearms 18 edition" in it you will find several different photos of shotguns and listing of the different grades. All of them are valuable. look on page 104 for the information you are seeking.

How do I find more information about Batavia Damascus double barrel shotgun with Baker Gun Co stamped on the barrel?

I posted a link in the related links section that may be of some help.

Where to purchase spare parts and history on Baker Gun Company Batavia Leader shotgun 16812F?


Where can you find out information on firearms?

Library, gun shop, gun shows, the internet

Where to find information on a Martinez Saddlery saddle?

i also have questions i cant find answers to. i have an old gun holster and belt made by martinez saddlery and cant find any info on the company...

Where can you find parts for shotguns made by the Baker Gun Co?

You'll probably have to find a gunsmith who can make your parts. Shotguns marked Baker Gun Co were made in Belgium or by Crescent Fire Arms, Meriden, CT, for H & D Folsom in the early 20th Century.

Where can one find information on how to make a gun?

You can find information on how to make a gun online on Youtube and also at Wikihow. You can learn to make a 22 pistol and also you can even learn how to make a machine gun.

Were can you find information about a gun made in Chicopee Falls?

Blue Book of Gun Values

Was there ever a Chaca Gun Company in the US?

No reference I can find.

Where can stock for Baker Gun company model Batavia Leader shotgun be purchased?

I have a shotgun made by Baker Gun company it is sixteen (16) gauge , Model Batavia Leader, Serial Number 16812F and made in Norwich, Connecticut. I would like to know the history of this gun, (date it was made, value, etc.). I would also like to know where to purchase a stock for it. Any help would be appreciated SaltedHog

Where can you find information on an American Gun Co Victor Ejector 12 gauge single shot serial number 294000?

You can find information on the American Gun Co. Victory Ejector 12 gauge single shot serial number 294000 online at places like Shot Gun World. You can also find information and pricing on Gun Broker.

How do you find information about a gun by the serial number?


How long does the spray gun propellent last?

You will have to contact the company to find out.

What gun company makes a 1911 with the serial number 2621160?

Impossible to answer with the information given.