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== == For Scouting contact your local council which you can find with an online search or through the national website. For Boy Scouts I think the website is My yongest two children are being homeschooled. Until this year my wife was a Girl Scout Troop Leader for our daughters Brownie Troop. My daughter got involved with dance through our homeschool support group and now my wife is the assistant. I have been a Cubmaster for three years and two of my four Den Leaders are also homeschool dads. The homeschoolers in the Oklahoma City area have a Basketball and a football team for high school level competition which we may become invlved with when our children get older. Adventure Scouts USA is also a great choice. They're for both boys and girls and do not discriminate.

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Q: How do you find information pertaining to outside social activities for your homeschooled child such as football or scouts?
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