How do you find movie auditions in your area without an agent or joining a group online?

You must be a part of a major agency to find out about major movie auditions. If you go to web sites that have "audition" notices, do not join because 99 percent of the time they cheat you into paying. But, they aren't always! Here are some reputable sites:,,, (Only join if it's a role you don't see on actorsaccess) You can contact your local cultural agency, usually county governments are the basis for these. They are constantly trying to attract movie production and related businesses into their local area and they must provide resources to do this. One way is to provide qualified, local talent. Just look for your local county cultural agency on the web or in your phone book. Look for publications that offer adds for auditions or look for a community theatre. Many newspapers feature casting call listings in the Friday edition. Or move to Hollywood or New York city. Take the plunge. There is company called "Time for me TV that offers a mainline to television through commercials. Any video you send them will be turned into a commercial for you. Imagine the possibilities.. promoting yourself or an idea in front of a mass television audience. Or, just say "Hi" to someone. Your call.

Also check on under the gigs section. You can find some local casting calls on this site. You need an agency for more major roles, though. Plus, you need headshots and a resume that say where you've trained, videos, and productions you've done.