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How do you find old pictures of the interior of the Brighton Park Theater in Chicago?


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2015-07-15 19:46:02
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Try the Theatre Historical Society of America(

I didn't see any pics of the Brighton at the Theatre Historical Society of America website. Any other resources anyone knows of?


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Brighton Ballet Theater was created in 1987.

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Chicago Shakespeare Theater was created in 1974.

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Chicago Opera Theater was created in 1974.

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The theater can be viewed from outside. There is no access to the interior.

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According the the Cinema Treasures webite, here are the oldest movie theatres on the southwest side that I know of and the year they opened: Marquette Theater - 1917 (at 63rd and Kedzie) Colony Theater - 1926 (at 59th and Kedzie) Brighton Theater - 1929 (in Brighton Park on Archer Ave.) Ramova Theater - 1929 (at 35th and Halsted)

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