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Try the Theatre Historical Society of America(

I didn't see any pics of the Brighton at the Theatre Historical Society of America website. Any other resources anyone knows of?

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Q: How do you find old pictures of the interior of the Brighton Park Theater in Chicago?
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When was Brighton Ballet Theater created?

Brighton Ballet Theater was created in 1987.

When was Chicago Opera Theater created?

Chicago Opera Theater was created in 1974.

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Chicago Shakespeare Theater was created in 1974.

When does the Theater of Marcellus open and close?

The theater can be viewed from outside. There is no access to the interior.

What was the first theatre on Chicago's southwest side?

According the the Cinema Treasures webite, here are the oldest movie theatres on the southwest side that I know of and the year they opened: Marquette Theater - 1917 (at 63rd and Kedzie) Colony Theater - 1926 (at 59th and Kedzie) Brighton Theater - 1929 (in Brighton Park on Archer Ave.) Ramova Theater - 1929 (at 35th and Halsted)

What Chicago actor was influential to the rebuilding of the Chicago theater?

Probably Rudolph Valentino who was Paramount's biggest star. The Chicago Theater was part of the Paramount franchise.

What street is Chicago theater on?

The Chicago Theatre is on State Street.

Where can one find a Cadillac theater in Chicago?

The Cadillac Theater in Chicago is located at 151 West Randolph Street between LaSalle Street and Wacker Drive. Concerts and musical theater are among the offerings at the Cadillac Theater.

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There aren't any movie theaters now. The only existing movie theater the Chicago Theater that's located on State St near Lake St. It is used for concerts or other entertainment. There used to be the Oriental Theater The State -Lake Theater Michael Todd Theater United Artist Theater The Roosevelt Theater & The Woods

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Do Eight different kinds of theater exist in America today?

Eight kinds of contemporary theaters include these forms: Broadway, legitimate theater, motion pictures, television, little theater, university theater, regional theater, and repertory theater.

Where is the Landmark Uptown Theater Corporation in Chicago Illinois located?

The address of the Landmark Uptown Theater Corporation is: 2117 W Waveland Ave, Chicago, IL 60618-4922

Is there a movie theater in downtown Chicago IL that serves alcohol?


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When was the Chicago Theater first opened?

The Chicago Theater in America first opened on October 26, 1921. The estimated building cost was around $4,000,000, a huge amount back then. The sign out front read "CHICAGO" and is approximately six stories high.

What is the address to the Cadillac Theater in Chicago?

Chicago's Cadillac Theater is located at: 151 West Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601. The telephone number is (312) 384-1502. The BROADWAY IN CHICAGO website (the website shows the logo in all capital letters) has directions.

Where is The Chicago Theater located at?

As the name suggests, the Chicago Theatre is located in the city of Chicago, in the Loop area. The postal address is 175 North State Street, Chicago, IL 60601.

What was the original name of the street where the theatre in Chicago the Jackson 5 used to perform in was located?

The Chicago Central Park Theater located on Roosevelt rd. in Chicago .

What has the author Valentina Valentini written?

Valentina Valentini has written: 'Teatro in immagine' -- subject(s): Motion pictures and theater, Television and theater, Theater 'Mondi, corpi, materie' -- subject(s): Drama, History, History and criticism, Theater

Can a theater delete pictures you took during a show?

A theater can only delete your pictures if you let them take your expensive camera from your hands and hold it long enough to delete them. They might ask you to delete them, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to. taking pictures when you're not supposed to can get you kicked out, though. I wouldn't recommend it.

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