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Why is manga a part of the Japanese culture?

Manga became popular after WW2 due to the exposure of American comics which were read by American servicemen who were stationed in Japan (as an occupation force ) . Manga is popular with a wide range of readers irrespective of age .

Did the US fight in Australia in World War 2?

No, only stationed in, or transitting through, Australia, although a few American servicemen saw action during the air raids by the Japanese on various coastal towns such as Darwin.

What were the result of the Japanese war to the Philippine?

US bases were stationed in the Philippines. Japan took the place in '42, then lost it to the allies in '45.

Iwo jima was important objective for the American military because?

the main Japanese naval force was stationed there

What is the reaction of the filipino people in American and Japanese colonialism in the Philippines?


How did the Japanese take over the Philippines?

The Japenese invaded the Philippines and the American general Gearge Mac Arthur had to flee.

What are the top Japanese companies in the Philippines?

There are several Japanese companies in the Philippines. The top Japanese companies in the Philippines are i-BRIDGE, JGC Philippines, and Fujitsu.

How did karate travel to America?

Karate came to America in several ways. Japanese and Okinawan immigrants brought the art with them. Servicemen returning after World War 2 learned some parts of the art while stationed in Japan and Okinawa.

How did the Japanese get to the Philippines?

The Japanese civilization got into the Philippines because they want to dominate the Philippines.

What is the significance on the Japanese invasion of the Philippines?

the things we got from them like, cultures and languages. ------------- The Philippines hold an American base in the pacific during that time.

Which was a direct consequence of the Japanese conquering the Philippines in 1942?

American and Filipino troops retreated to Bataan.

What is the influence of the Japanese culture on the Philippines?

The Japanese did influence the Philippines in some way. This was as a result of the intermarriage between the two. The immigration of the Japanese to the Philippines helped in this.

What was the Philippines American war about?

The war was the Spanish-American war.....the US has never fought a war against the Philippines, just to liberate them, the a fore mentioned war (from Spain) and WW II from the Japanese.

The Japanese were primarily interested in the Philippines because of the?

The Japanese were primarily interested in the Philippines because of the

What made the Philippines a particular attractive target for Japanese expansion?

Its location. The Philippines is located astride the merchant shipping route from Japan to the Dutch East Indies & British Malaysia & Singapore. The Japanese were afraid that American military bases & American naval units could interfere with Japanese shipments of stolen resources from the south to Japan.

How many causalties were at pear harbo?

There were 2,403 American casualties at Pearl Harbor, including 68 civilians. The wounded numbered 1,178. In addition, 65 Japanese servicemen were killed.

Were there American POW camps for Japanese prisoners in the Philippines in the latter part of World War 2?

the bataan death march The Bataan death march were American prisoners of war being held, abused, and killed by the Japanese. I know that there were U.S. POW camps which held captured Japanese because my dad was stationed at one from July 1945 to Sept. 1946. He was a member of the 623rd Military Police Company. I've been trying to find more information about the camps but have not had much luck.

What are the contributions of the Japanese to the Philippines?

Some of the contributions of the Japanese in the Philippines is that they introduced the system of fish ponds

How many men did japan lose in the Pearl Harborattack?

The japanese lost 65 servicemen

How did the Japanese try to win the loyalty and support of the Philippines in their struggle against the American?

They didn't even try to win loyalty and support in the Philippines. The Japanese forces subjected the Philippine population to tremendous death, destruction, brutality and misery.

How many Japanese soldiers were stationed at Nagasaki at the time of the bombing in World War 2?

There were abpout 40,000 military personnel stationed in the city.

Who are the three conquerors of the Philippines?

Spanish - 1521-1898 American - 1898-1946 Save Japanese - 1942-1945

What are the changes in the Philippines during Japanese regime?

The Philippines operated as a "puppet" regime under Japanese Occupation.

What are the advantages of the Japanese occupation?

japanese occupation in the philippines

Why Japan lost against the Philippines?

The Japanese successfully invaded the Philippines. Three years later the Allied Forces arrived and defeated the Japanese in the Philippines.

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