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We must know the manufacturer, model, exposed hammers or not, and the condition of the gun...The rest is easy...The manufacturer and model will be stamped or engraved on the metal somewhere What is the manfacturer, model and condition of the gun...the rest is easy...

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Q: How do you find out about a 410 double barrel shot guns age?
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Aubrey double barrel shot guns?

made in usa

What are some brands of double barrel shotguns?

Some brands of the double barrel shot guns includes, Stoeger, Remington and Winchester. The price for the double barrel shot gun can range from over $1000, depending on the collection.

Where can you get parts for Crescent shot guns?

You can get some double barrel parts from GUNPARTS. com

Can a Stevens double barrel 20 gauge side by side shot gun shoot slugs without damaging the barrel?

Most shot guns can handle deer slugs.

When were TB Janney double barrel ten gauge shot guns made?

Sometime in the first half of the 20th century.

How much is a Stevens model 311 410 double barrel shot gun worth?

These are very desirable guns but condition is everything. $200 to $425.

where can you find a nr Davis an sons 12 gauge double barrel shot gun stock?

the internet

Can you shot steel shot through your Stevens model 5100 double barrel shotgun?

yes but steel shot will eventually ruined the barrel lead will not

Are there any 12 gauge shot guns with 36 inch barrel?


What is the original name of Olympia?

Well, i dont know but i know it is a double barrel shot gun made by berreta so call it a berreta double barrel shot gun

Where can you find out how old your double barrel shot gun with Dumascus barrels is?

Try Blue Book of Gun Values

Was the double bar shotguns before world war 2 welded and have damascus barrels?

Virtually all double barrel shot guns produced prior to World War 2 were soft soldered.

What different hand guns are there?

Revolver, Semi-automatic, single shot and multi barrel

Where can you find a pistol handle double barrel shot gun?

Such an item would be a custom piece. None are manufactured in that configuration.

How can you tell what choke a 12GA Savage model 30F barrel has?

All guns should have the information stamped onto the barrel. Most of the time it is near the action. Look on the barrel of your shot gun and it should tell you the make, model, caliber (or in your case with a shot gun) the gauge, for shot guns the size of shell the gun takes, and finally the choke the shot gun has. If it is a screw on choke it should saw on it.

What is a double barrel sling shot?

That is slang or a joke for "Bra".

What is the value of 12 gauge pump made by HR 1871 LLC?

what is the value of a double barrel Newport shot gun? what is the value of a double barrel Newport shot gun?

Who made the Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun and What is the Plymouth double barrel 12 gauge shot gun worth?

I believe that the Plymouth side by sides were made by Cresent Firearms.

What is a oxford gun works double barrel 16 ga shot gun worth and where can you find any info on it?


What is a 5000 Double barrel shot gun ranger value?

What is th value of a Ranger double shot gun. Serial c4537.It is a 16g

Whats the vaule of 311a savage double barrel?

Stevens savage model 311a double barrel shot gun with 28 inch barel

Did Browning Arms make a double barrel shot gun?


Do BB Guns shoot very far?

Depends on what you mean by "FAR". BB guns are not very accurate beyond 25 feet, although the BB will travel much further. Pellet guns and rifles will travel further and be accurate at a greater distance. This is because BB's are shot from a smooth bore barrel, like a straw, and will tumble as they fly out. Pellets usually use a rifled bore barrel and spin as they are shot out of the barrel. Pellet guns and rifles are usually more powerful than BB guns.

Where can you find the age an value of a double barrel Newport shot gun model cn?

No published sn datat. Turn of the century or so

Find information on an old Crescent Fire Arm double barrel shot gun marked Lakeside?

Blue Book of Gun Values