How do you find out about getting help for a nephew you received custody of?

You didn't state exactly what the problem is with your nephew, so I can only guess he is out of control, possibly doing drugs, not coming home, or, perhaps getting into trouble with the law. Since you have custody of him, you have every right to seek out help for him. Go to your local Mental Health and ask for their advice. They can help you a great deal and also put you in the right direction to get this help your nephew needs. You need to seek out help to deal with this as well and try to figure out why your nephew is acting the way he is. He could be angry that his parents didn't care enough to raise him, or perhaps they were unfortunately killed an an auto accident and he's lashing out. Both of you need to see how the other thinks depending on the situation. There are kids that just go astray no matter how good the parents/aunts/grandparents were. You can "lead a horse to water, but not make them drink" and you could very well have this problem with your nephew not seeking out psychological help. There are two things you can do here: If he is abusive towards you, stealing from you or destroying your property you can have him arrested. Do it! Only if this is the case. If he is underage and you just can't handle this added stress then give up your custodial rights through court and let the court system look after him. Of course, it is very harsh to do this, and it's apparent that you're a good aunt and care a great deal for this young man. Only do this if the system lets you down and this young man is destroying your life or threatening you in any way. Good luck Marcy