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How do you find out how many children a person has?

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Ask them. If they lie to you leave them.


Asking them is the simplest way.

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Can someone come after you twice for child support?

Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.Yes. Someone can go after you as many times as you father children with that person.

How does a person find out who called the department of children services on you?

You cannot find that out. Anyone can report what they consider an abuse of children to the department of childrens' services anonymously.

How many children are homeless in England?

1 person

How can you find out how many children a man has had?

Ask him

How many children were interviewed to find the kids of The Brady Bunch?

464 children.

How do you find out how many children someone has?

Uhh, ASK???

How many primary teeth does a person have?

Children have 20 milk teeth. :)

How many teeth in a person mouth?

Adult- 32 Children- 20

How many children can one person babysit in British Columbia?


How many spastics are there?

you'll find out when your children grow up

How many children did Caesar have or adopt What were their names?

Caesar did not have any children he just adopted his children you need to find out how many he had on his own if you cant maybe you should not be so stupid

how many children can 1 person watch under the age of 6?

The number of children that you can watch will be determined by the size of your location.

How long do you bleed after giving birth?

Depends on the person and how many children you have had already

How many children does ted hankey have?

none because he isn't a nice person

How many teeth do you have when you are nine years old?

It varies from person to person because at the age of 9 many children are starting to lose their baby teeth.

When will you get married?

Anytime after you find the right person and you are financially able to care for yourselves and any possible children.

How many children did Euler have?


Can a color blind person have children in the future?

the color blind person can still have children but the children will probably get it too

How do you find how many guns are registered to a person?

You cant'.

What black person rescued her sister and her children and many others from slavery?

Harriet Tubman

How old is the average person to have children?

20-35 years old, with many younger

What can one do on the Find-Games website?

There are many things one can do on the Find-Games website. On the Find-Games website, one can do things such as locate different games for children and learn about games for children.

How many children were you allowed to have in medieval times?

There was no limit to the number of children a person was allowed to have during the Middle Ages. In fact, since the infant mortality rate was very high, most people had as many children as they could.

Which famous person has the most children?

The most famous person with the most children is me,KOBE BRYANT.i have 15 children and 9 wives

What did Jewish people eat in the Warsaw ghetto?

usually what ever they could find. many were too poor to buy, so had to steal, and many people with children sent the children to steal. but there were many illegal soup kitchens in the ghetto's, where every person there got a piece of bread and a bowl of soup. if Nazi's found these, they would kill everyone there.