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sort of hang around her a bit, if she likes you she will probably act shy and maybe go red and not say much ( if shes shy) or if shes not shy she would probably talk to you quite a bit ( though this might not mean that she likes you.)

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How can I find out from a guy if he likes me without actually asking him?

he'll tell you or flirt with you or ask just you somewhere ADURKA DURKA MUMMA JIHAD honestly sum questions...

How do you find out if someone likes you without embarrassing yourself?

There is no embarrassment in asking questions, meeting up with someone you guess likes you and asking him/her few question and letting him/her know you like him/her as well.

How do you find out if a boy likes you without asking?

Watch how he acts around you and what he says to his friends. That will usually tell you.

ANSREW . How do i know if this guy i like likes me. because we flirt but i just want to know if he likes me without actually asking him.?

It depends, find out if he does that with other people. If he likes to make eye contact, like you look over and his eyes are locked on yours, then yes he does.

How do you find out if a guy likes you without asking him?

well you could ask one of his friends if you know them. or if he talks to you alot between classes then he probably likes you

How do you find outif he or she likes me or not?

By asking him/her out.

What is the best way to make a good imprint in a 12 year old girl that they'll never forget?

find out what she likes without actually asking her and surprise her with something that will hit close to home with her.

How do you find out if a boy likes you without asking him yourself?

Then you will have to ask your friend who may be living near him to ask him the question.

How do you know if a girl likes someone else?

The best way to find out is to ask her. Or, if you want to find out without actually talking to her, ask her friends and try and find out if she likes you. If not, then it won't be embarrassing to ask her.

What should you do if you like a girl and want to find out how she feels about you without actually asking her directly?

get a close friend to ask

What can you ask a girl to find out if she likes you without asking the direct question?

Well ask what she likes in a guy and then just kinda keep talking awhile and out of the blue ask so who do you like?

What do you buy for a girl you like for Christmas?

Find out what she likes and base your decision on that. You can try asking her, and also asking her friends or a teacher or parent what she likes.

If you have to ask you'll never know What does this phrase mean?

It means to find answers for yourself without taking the easy route and asking others for them. You may not find the correct answers by asking others or you may not find what you're looking for without actually looking yourself.

How can a girl know if a guy likes her without asking him?

Use your instinct. A girl uasally knows when a guy likes you *You find him staring at you. *He would smile at you. To be shore, be friends at c what happens. Good luck!

How do you actually find out if a boy likes you without him knowing your interested?

the way he talk and look at u and if he smile at u yea he might !!

How do you ask a girl out in high school with out actually asking her if I am not sure if she is with somebody?

Find out if she is actually going out with someone secretly without letting her know. If she's single ask her out.

How do you find out if a guy likes you without asking?

That's easy. If he looks at you alot, he likes you. If you walk in the hallway and you see him around more than usual, he likes you. If he makes excuses to talk to u or gets nervous when hes around you, he likes you. If you reallly wanna be sure, ask his friends.

Do he really likes you?

You are Not going to find an answer to a question like that here. I am sorry, but, you have to look elsewhere. Also, the question: Do he really likes you, needs to be phrased much better. Are you asking; what if he really likes you? Or, are you asking; does a specific person really like you? Are you asking what are the signs (body language) that show whether or not a person likes you?

How can you find out somebodys email address without asking them?

try asking one of there friends

What to get a potential girlfriend?

find out what she likes! asking friends if not even her family members is good

How do you know if a guy fancies you?

There are many ways to find out if a guy likes you without asking him. You can moniter his behavoiur he either: 1 Is alway's teasing you 2 Is being extra caring towards you

How do you know if a boy is bi sexual or gay and likes you?

Asking him is the only way you will find out for sure.

Who does Emma colic like?

It is not known who Emma Colic likes because it is not published on her personal Facebook page. It is possible to find out who she likes by asking her directly.

How do you find out if a girl likes you without her telling the whole world?

You can ask her!

How do you find out if your crush likes you without talking to him?

if you catch him staring or showing off, it could possibly mean that he likes you.