How do you find out if a house is being used as section 8 housing?

There are two types of section 8 housing: project-based and tenant-based. In a project based setting, the housing it typically owned by the city or County Housing Authority. In this case, this is known as public housing. Here, the tenants are living in one particular housing unit that is owned by the Housing Authority. In this case the tenant cannot move anywhere except to another housing development on by the same Housing Authority. On a tenant-based section 8 housing, this means that the tenant has been issued a voucher with which they can find appropriate housing for themselves, from a landlord who accepts those vouchers. To see if a particular housing development is a section 8 project, you might be able to interview the tenants that live there. One of them is bound to tell you that it is a public housing unit. If you have a voucher, then you need to look for an apartment or housing that is owned by a landlord who will accept such vouchers.