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How do you find out if a question you asked has been answered?

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The best way is to sign in (before or after asking your question) and then click to "Watch" it. The Watch link appears in the WikiAnswers Toolbar above on the question page. If you have included an e-mail address with your sign-in you will be e-mailed when the question is answered. If you do not want to receive any e-mail, check back and look on your Watchlist. (Again, this is a link on the WikiAnswers Toolbar.) If you do not want to sign in, you could record the URL (Web address) of your question and check back periodically. If you do not know where your question is, try searching for it. One warning about this: questions can be edited so they may not include the same keywords you originally used or be in the same FAQ(s).

2007-03-17 14:01:29
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Why can t you find the answer to a question asked?

Because it may not have been answered yet.

Where can you find an answer to a question you asked an hour ago?

If the question has been answered, you will find it under the original question you asked. If you want faster answers, you can try asking the same question in different ways, sometimes someone has already asked the same question and received an answer already.

How do you find out who answered your question?

Once you have signed into your WikiAnswers account, you will see your blue toolbar to the left of the page. You can either find your 'Watchlist' which is under 'My Pages'. It will show a list of all the questions you have asked when they are answered. It will also show who answered your question. If you prefer, you can also go directly to the question you asked. Under the answer, it will say which user or ID answered your question. You can also go to the 'question history', which can be found on your toolbar under Question Tools. It will show how many edits have been made to your question, and who has answered your question.

How can you tell if he likes me?

This question has been asked and answered a thousand different ways. Search WikiAnswers, and you'll find lots of stuff to read.

How do you find a question?

You find a question by typing a question in the bar at the top that says: Enter a question here ... Hopefully, someone already asked that question and someone already answered it, so you get an answer to your question.

Where do you find the fuel injector?

This question has not been answered yet.

How can you find your answer with so many questions?

If you use the search tool, you can enter the question you asked exactly as you asked it, and you SHOULD be directed to your question. Or you can put in part of the question and it should get you close. Give it a try. Also, you can review your contributions by clicking on 'my contributions' to the left. scroll down and you should find your question. If it has been answered, you will see the answer when you click on your question.

Why do people answer a question when they have already been answered on

There is a huge amount of questions on the site. So it isn't always possible to know that the question has already been answered. Questions asked with the exact same wording, will be merged into existing questions. If a new form of wording comes in, less experienced users may just answer it. Experienced users and supervisors will look to merge it. You could also ask why do people ask questions that have already been answered? In the same way, they don't know it has been asked already and if they use a new wording, they won't find the question, so they will think it is the first time it has been asked.

Why can't you find my question?

It hasn't been asked yet.

How does someone know that when a question is answered a reply is submitted to the person who answered ones question?

When a user submits/writes an answer on, a notice is automatically sent to any user who has that question on their Wacthlist. This is an automated process. If you find that you're not getting an answer to your question, then the question you asked probably hasn't been answered yet. Should you find that it has been answered and you haven't received an e-mail from, saying as much, contact the Support team for help. You can contact them via the Contact Us form (see related link below).

Can you find anything on the internet?

You can find more than 3/4 of information on internet. Of course, every question cannot be answered and may not even been asked. You can find nearly all items on the internet also.

Does Fergie has any brothers or sisters?

that question has not been answered yet but we will find out

If your supposed to find all the answers here then why does it never have any of my questions?

Your question hasn't been asked by anyone else yet. Please submit the question to WikiAnswers and then your question might get answered. WikiAnswers' database doesn't have all of the questions in the world yet, so it would be nice if you asked the question so others can answer it for you.

How do you get adventurer gloves that are black on Free Realms?

There are so many variations of this question, I find it hard to believe you asked this, but couldn't find an answered variation.

How do you find out the user name of the person who asks a question on

If the question has not been answered and you are signed in as a real user, click Question History. If the question has been answered, this information will already be at the bottom of the answer window. It will tell you either the user name or the IP address of the person that asked the question. In the case of this question, for instance, the questioner is jodestar70, and the first answerer is me, alex146. Actually, the first answerer was, but I deleted that answer because it was an inappropriate answer.

How do you make a friendship bracelet with a fish pattern?

youtube it Who ever answered "youtube it" is an idiot. They asked a question, not a way to find a crappy answer.

How you can fint the user who answer you in WikiAnswers?

To find the user that answered your question, first find the question you asked. Then, look to the bottom of the answer where it says 'last edit by [username]'. Click on the username, and you will be redirected to their bio page.

How do you find your questions?

So far can't seem to, I've been trying to find one I asked to see if it's been answered and there doesn't seem to be an easy way...

How do you find missingno?

The question has been answered elsewhere. Click on the link under "related links".

I asked a question 3 days ago and it still hasn't been answered can someone please answer it for me?

Strange as it may seem there are not people sitting at their computers just waiting to answer your particular question. Instant gratification is what is expected by infants.We don't know what you asked 3 days ago, by the time I see this question it may have been asked 6 months ago.You ask a question here, put it in the correct category, and often you will find it has already been asked and answered. If not then you must wait until someone sees the question and is willing and able to give an answer.WikiAnswers is not your personal problem solver, there are millions of users. Give them time.

Where is the thermostat located on a 2001 Subaru Outback?

Hello, Scroll up a ways and you'll find that this question has been asked and answered at least twice. Follow your lower radiator hose into the engine. You'll find a thermostat housing staring at you there.

How do you find out if anyone has answered my questions because no one has yet i think?

Click on your question. Now you see my answer. Anytime you want to see if someone answered your question, in the blue sidebar on the left you click on "My contributions", and everything you have done will show up. Then you find the question you asked, [There will be time stamps to help you], and you click on that question, and you will see if you got an answer or not.

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You may not know how to use this board, but you have asked this question several times before and it's been answered. If you go to "relationships" you'll find the answer to your question.

You asked a question on this site if its been answered where do you find the answer?

Well what I've always done is look it up somewhere else or checked back every few days. Like i have odne now people will want to answer questions and go try to find how to do that and so eventually it wil be answered. I play Clubpenguin and i amEmilytronnes.

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This question has already been answered. To find the answer, type in the question What does a snow wolf eat? Type in that question word for word.